FIFA 23 leak hints at Lionel Messi Flashback SBC card arriving soon
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 24
Would you go for it if it gets released? (pic: Fut Sheriff/Twitter)

A new 23 leak points towards star footballer getting a Flashback SBC card in Ultimate Team. 

Given Lionel Messi’s immense popularity, it’s not surprising that FIFA 23 wants to honour him once again, even though Argentina won’t be lifting the trophy any time soon.

Recently, the game has been rolling out a few special collections for Ultimate Team, aka FUT, such as the Heroes and History Makers cars, all honouring footballers for their contributions to the World Cup. 

Now, it seems like to might get the chance to get a special Lionel Messi Flashback card, which will likely be part of a Squad Building Challenge (SBC). 

Usually, if you want to get Messi on your team you’d have to put your hands deep in your pockets, whether you opt for the base version or the high-tier Road To The Knockouts card. 

Messi’s Player Of The Month card can’t even be purchased from the game’s store, and it’s estimated that you’d have to spend around 700,000 coins to complete the challenge required to unlock it. 

The leak was first published by TikToker Fut Sheriff, who didn’t give many details of how they came about it.

They did post an image on Twitter, though, that shows how the alleged Flashback SBC card will look, though they claimed the stats on it are ‘a prediction.’ 

If their claims turn out to be true, Messi’s Flashback card would be a downgrade in comparison to his base card, although this has happened before in FIFA. Neymar Jr’s Flashback card in FIFA 22 followed the same pattern, for example. 

However, the L***ed card shows Messi with an increased Pace stat, which could come in handy. 

A lower overall score may also lead to a cheaper cost of completion for the SBC challenge accompanying Messi’s card.  

None of this info has been confirmed by EA Sports, but it does seem likely, looking at how similar player cards have been handled in the past. 

Overall, most FIFA 23 players seemed thrilled about the possibility of a Messi Flashback card, with one saying they were excited to ‘get rid of’ the footballer’s Ligue 1 version. 

Another even said that they might consider scrapping their Player Of The Month version in favour of the new design, so FIFA 23 might want to consider making the Messi Flashback card a reality.

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