Fred Sirieix and Josie Gibson clash as tensions rise in I’m A Celebrity camp
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 03, 2023 - 01:30PM
Fred Sirieix was one cook too many in the I’m A Celebrity campsite (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)

and were unlikely rivals in the latest episode of as tensions rise in the camp.

host Josie, 38, and star Fred, 51, are fan favourites on this year’s series of the competition.

It , with Fredand Josie breaking down in tears over missing her five-year-old son.

And on Saturday’s episode tempers were on show as Maitre D’ Fred doled out unwanted advice while Josie cooked.

Fred had been the camp chef, but a mix-up in camp means Josie is now in charge, though Fred didn’t seem to get the message as the phrase ‘too many cooks’ played out on viewers’ TVs.

As the presenter cooked breakfast – aka rice and beans – for everyone, Fred interjected multiple times, first asking ‘the beans Josie, did you soak them?’

Josie is the new camp cook after things were shaken up (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)

And as Tony Bellew put the pan flat on the fire to cook, he added ‘put it flat Tony, you’ve got to make sure it’s flat. That’s not quite flat.’

‘Josie, is the rice cooked?’ he then asked, with Josie answering bluntly ‘it’s boiling up, it’s still a bit hard.’

In the Bush Telegraph, a clearly exasperated Josie said: ‘Me and Tony are the chefs. [Fred] is a pot wash now. He’s got to give the reigns over to me.’

She later complained to Nella that Fred was ‘really getting involved all the time … he’s not cooking any more and I don’t think he’ll grasp it.’

Tony Bellew predicted things would eventually explode as Josie became annoyed by Fred’s unwanted advice (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)

Tony wasn’t oblivious to the tension, as he told cameras: ‘Fred’s going to do what Fred’s going to do. He’s a chef and he’s hovering over us while we’re cooking. I know it’s slightly annoying Josie and I’m telling you, it’ll get a reaction soon enough. Just sit back and enjoy your popcorn and wait for the…’ he then mimed an explosion.

However, later in the episode they required a bit of help from the French TV star as they were given eels for dinner to prepare. And while it was appreciated at first, Josie noted ‘Fred’s advice is very welcome, but it feels like him and Nigel are sitting there overstaring everything I’m doing.’

‘But this is not cooking,’ Fred complained to the Bush Telegraph, saying they were just ‘putting everything into a pot’ – and later muttering in French ‘what a disaster.’

Everyone else appeared to enjoy it however – except fo Josie, who privately admitted ‘I think it tasted horrible.’

It’s not the first time discussions about cooking and cleaning in the camp has led to division, with complaints about pots not being properly washed – at one point even bringing rodents to the campsite.

Nigel Farage and Fred are now pot washers but Josie felt they were ‘overstaring’ her as she cooked (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)

Fred is strict when it comes to what counts as a properly clean pot, and Josie and Nella have been in trouble with the chef before for what he saw as unclean dishes.

And fans of the show even labeled them ‘disrespectful’ for how they’ve responded to Fred’s concern.

Viewers took to Reddit recently where one ranted ‘the way Josie & Nella reacted was pathetic and frankly disrespectful to their camp mates.’

The public vote has opened for the fist time in the 2023 series as viewers scramble to save their favourite celebs (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)

Another said: ‘If they had done the dishes properly the first time they wouldn’t have to do it again, and no, Josie you’re not “Fred’s staff” but you’re apart of a f***ing camp.’

At the end of a dramatic episode came the news Nella was facing the next Bushtucker trial, with the YouTuber looking miserable as she noted it would eb the eighth trial she would take part in.

And that’s not all, as Ant and Dec then revealed tomorrow night will see the first celebrity voted out of the 2023 season.

Jamie Lynn Spears and Grace Dent have already walked out of the camp ‘for medical reasons,’ and voting has now opened to allow the public to choose who they want to save from elimination.

I’m A Celeb returns to ITV on Sunday at 9pm