From Cobra Kai season 5 to Star Trek Day celebrations: What to watch this week
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 08
A week full of fighting and foul-mouthed fun (Picture: REX/Sky/Hulu/Netflix)

There’s plenty of fighting lined up for this week, as Netflix’s Karate Kid prequel Cobra Kai faces off with a new drama about legendary boxer , Mike.

Coming back on Sky, meanwhile is foul-mouthed fun in the form of the oddly underappreciated Brassic.

All in all, it’s a dreamy week to be plonked in front of the box.

Check out our full range of picks for the week below.



Foul-mouthed fun (Picture: Ben Blackall/Sky UK)

Why the consistently brilliant Brassic hasn’t been showered with awards is a mystery because, in our not very humble opinion, it towers above the likes of Stath Lets Flats, and other more garlanded efforts.

Still, awards don’t matter because we have Vinnie (Joseph Gilgun, man of a thousand expletives) and his gang of reprobates back for a fourth series of misadventures full of mirth and filth, which mix comedy and drama in farcical plots that recall classic Ealing comedies. Added bonus: in a high as a kite threesome.

Series available today.


Cobra Kai

Kung-fu fighting adventures (Picture: Curtis Bonds Baker/Netflix)

It seemed like an offbeat idea but this sequel to the Karate Kid films, with Ralph Macchio, has bagged a big global fanbase and we’re now up to season five. Nostalgia plus choptastic action is a potent mix.

Available Friday.

Devil In Ohio

Hokey but horrible (Picture: Ricardo Hubbs/Netflix)

Anyone wondering where Emily Deschanel had disappeared to after Bones – well, I was – can wonder no more because here is TV’s former ace forensic anthropologist now exploring another branch of science as a psychologist.

And a pretty gullible one at that – come on, why would you invite a potentially Satanic teenager to share your home? Hokey horror fun.

Available now.

Apple TV+


The Democrat hits the road (Picture: Stefania D’Alessandro/Getty Images)

They’re not exactly French & Saunders but you do get mum and daughter double act Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, being game for a laugh at a Texas clown school in the first episode of this curious on-the-road travelogue.

The idea is to track down some of the ‘gutsy’ women the pair featured in their bestselling book.

Available Friday.

Star Trek Day

A day full of interviews and exclusive content (Picture: Paramount Television/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock)

If you can’t get to LA for the Star Trek day fan convention then the next best thing is to beam it aboard your favourite device. Clear the decks for a day of interviews (with the likes Of William Shatner), previews and Trekkies in ace costumes.

Available tomorrow.



Fighting talk (Picture: Alfonso Bresciani/Hulu)

Flawed hero Mike Tyson rose from a rough background to become the boxing’s youngest heavyweight champion but then fell hard from grace in a downward spiral of addiction and a conviction for rape. Trevante Rhodes, looks the real deal as Tyson in this eight-part drama but the script shadowboxes around his flaws.

Available tomorrow.