Gail Porter gets her first-ever wig 20 years after alopecia diagnosis
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 24

has always refused to wear a wig following her alopecia diagnosis.

However, the TV star, 52, has had a change of heart and is the proud owner of a beautiful blonde wig.

is the general medical term for and it affects two people in every 1,000 in the UK.

Gail and ever since, having fronted documentaries, become an ambassador for , and penned an autobiography.

While she’s for much of the last 20 years, Gail took to social media on Wednesday (January 24) to rave about her new locks, courtesy of .

Standing outside the wig shop in London, Gail confidently shook her hair and smiled as the camera showed her new wavy tresses from all angles.

Gail Porter is the proud owner of her first-ever wig! (Picture: Instagram)
The TV star has a gorgeous blonde wig now, having always previously sported a bald head (Picture: Instagram)

She wrote in her caption: ‘First wig ever!! Well, one that’s coming home with me and the cat! Made with so much love and care ❤️’

‘Thank you so so much to everyone at @amberjeanshop’, she added. ‘Adore my new hair! X’

In the comments, fans were keen to compliment the Celebrity Big Brother star.

User hilarybone wrote: ‘U look gorgeous …. ( with or without hair) but this looks so lovely on you [sic]’.

‘Wow you look amazing but you always do ❤️’, commented lel04.

‘Beautiful with or without the wig, very definition of cute and sassy. Enjoy your new look, it suits you xx’, said looby_louise.

Others praised how ‘natural’ the wig looks and urged Gail to ‘enjoy’ having a choice each day.

Speaking to after Gail unveiled her new wig, Amber Jean herself shared the special connection she has with the star.

Amber Jean Rowan has hailed Gail as her ‘alopecia hero’ (Picture: Instagram)
The wig maker said it was an ‘amazing experience’ to work with Gail (Picture: Instagram)

‘Making Gail’s first-ever wig was such an amazing experience,’ she said sweetly.

‘When I lost my hair 15 years ago, Gail was the only other woman with alopecia that I knew. She was my alopecia hero!

‘So, creating her wig now feels like this surreal full-circle moment. Gail is a legend, beautiful inside and out, wig or no wig.

‘I’m just so delighted and honoured to have played a part in her story.’

Gail previously spoke to about how her alopecia diagnosis had a devastating impact on her career.

The media personality revealed that  when work dried up as a result of her refusing to wear a wig.

Gail found that TV shows were  if she would talk about ‘being bald’, which also came while going through her divorce with former husband and Toploader guitarist Dan Hipgrave.

As her situation worsened in the mid-00s, Gail was unable to make ends meet.

Gail was previously left homeless after work dried up (Picture: Mark Large/ANL/REX/Shutterstock)
She is now back on her feet thanks to the likes of Celebrity Big Brother, which helped her put a roof over her head (Picture: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

It wasn’t until CBB came calling that she found a solution, admitting to only accepting the job offer purely to get a roof over her head temporarily.

Her paycheque allowed Gail to afford a place of her own once she left the iconic house, in which she still lives and rents with plenty of work coming her way.

‘It seems to have got better and better. I think, when you hit the lowest of the low, it can only get better,’ Gail told us last year.