Games Inbox: Waiting for God Of War Ragnarök on PC, Sonic Frontiers surprises, and Superman: The Game
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 09, 2022 - 09:24AM
God Of War Ragnarök – out now (pic: Sony)

The Wednesday letters page is looking forward to playing Ragnarök, as one reader is sad to hear of the end of Project CARS.

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No Rush
So is out today but despite being a fan of the original I’m not planning to buy it, or at least not yet. Part of the reason is I just don’t have time to wade through a 40-hour epic right now, but the other is that I’d just rather play it on PC.

I am not impressed by the comparisons I’ve seen so far between the and 4 versions and while I’m sure the PC version will be largely the same it should still offer an improvement and, most importantly, mods. I want to play a next gen looking God Of War and considering they take at least five years to make that’s only really going to happen on PC.

As you can imagine, I’d really prefer it if Sony would just release games on PC at the same time as consoles, but it’s obvious they’re getting closer and closer in terms of the dates. I’d be surprised if Ragnarök wasn’t on PC by this time next year, or at least early 2024, and that’s fine by me. Unless I find it for cheap in the sales on PlayStation 5, but frankly I think that’s less likely.

Final compromise
I get there’s more to games then graphics but watching God Of War Ragnarök PlayStation 4 and 5 comparison videos, there’s hardly much difference.

It was clearly held back by PlayStation 4, which is 2013 hardware, so understandably so.

Is this the last of any Xbox or Sony AAA games that will be on last gen too? I’m tired of this generation’s AAA games being held back by old hardware.

GC: It’s hard to say since Sony has so few games announced at the moment. The only ones are Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine, which are currently only listed for PlayStation 5.

A long time coming
Looking forward to getting stuck into God Of War Ragnarök this weekend. Seems like ages since I played a big meaty AAA game like this and I hope it doesn’t disappoint. I understand from GC’s review that it’s not going to reinvent the wheel but as long as it’s as good as the last one and ends well I’m fine with that.

What I do wonder though is if it still makes sense having games this long. GC mentioned it was even longer than the original, but would it not have made sense to cut the game in half and release it just two or three years apart?

Naturally, I’d expect the games to be cheaper as a result but I guess maybe Sony wouldn’t see it that way. Something has to change about how long it takes to make high-end video games nowadays because at this rate it’ll be 2030 before we get another God Of War.

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Competition rules
Very sad to hear that EA are and very probably the whole of Slightly Mad Studios. I agree with the sentiment that acquisitions always lead to this sort of thing. Having lots of competing car games makes sense when they’re all from a different publisher but what does EA want with four different racing franchises? One of which doesn’t sell that well.

Microsoft are probably looking at ways to worm out of Avowed as well, seeing as that’s a blatant Skyrim clone that they started before they knew they were buying Bethesda. Won’t be surprised to hear about that being cancelled soon.

Competition is what makes everything better. It gives a standard for different people to compete against and it means different teams are purposefully coming up with different ideas so that they’re able to stand out. I worry we’re losing this, the more big companies dominate and just buy up the little ones. There’s a reason all Sony exclusives look and play the same, or all Ubisoft open world games, and it wouldn’t be the case if all their developers were independent.

Surprise interest
I was so surprised at your review of Sonic Frontiers, I’ve been devouring YouTube vids all day yesterday and this morning, trying to decide whether to go for the Switch or PlayStation 5 version now!

What a turnaround from having absolutely zero interest in the game, all thanks to your review GC, so thank you.

I’m so looking forward to playing it now… once I settle on what version to get.
PS: Their appears to be a day one patch aimed at tackling performance and frame rate issues which is great news and hopefully mitigates some of the flaws pointed out in your review.
PPS: I’d absolutely love the Resident Evil Village Winters’ Expansion code, very kindly offered out yesterday.

GC: We’ll send it across later.

Strange timing
RE: about PlayStation VR2 last weekend. I feel the argument made was very one sided.

Yes, £530 is a lot for anybody, but considering the tech and the spec, it’s priced very reasonably compared to similar products on the market.

Sony is a business first and foremost and while they can take a loss on some products to increase adoption, they cannot subsidise everyone. Assuming there is a generous 10% margin on the unit that still makes it very expensive unit to manufacture and is priced as such.

There are 47 announced titles for the system, which based on other consoles’ launch is a phenomenal amount! Although some are cross platform and/or upgrades it’s reassuring to know there is a substantial library and you won’t be left with a giant a paperweight. Also. that level of commitment shows Sony are putting full support behind it!

Lastly, in the age old adjective. If you don’t like the price, don’t buy it.

I’m sure there will be deals in years to come reducing it but don’t put the system down to those who may enjoy it!

GC: We don’t think that was really his point, more that it seems a strange thing to prioritise at this stage in the PlayStation 5’s lifespan, and the general state of things at the moment.

Indie only
Looking forward to the Nintendo Direct tonight at 5pm UK time, surprised Game Central hasn’t mentioned it in a news story. It is an Indie Direct for 25 minutes. I wonder if they will have the sequel to Golf Story, Sports Story, and a release date for Hollow Knight: Silksong.
Andrew J.
PS. There is a new set of out on Friday 11th November. They are not listed yet (Tuesday evening) but last time they were released in the morning of when Splatoon 3 launched.

GC: Well, it is only an Indie World showcase, not a Nintendo Direct. Should still be interesting though.

Brainiac attack
I’ve been thinking about the lack of a decent Superman game and how the problem seems to be that he’s overpowered. So how about using Golden Age Superman instead?

No flying, only leaping. Strong but not too strong, fast but not too fast. You could have versions of the famous enemies (such as scientist Lex Luthor) but then you can have side quests where you’re stopping landlords and the like from stepping on the little guy.

Maybe some quests could only be completed by Clark Kent, ace reporter.

As I write this, it’s becoming something like The Witcher 3 in my mind, where the open world is entirely Metropolis. Only with fewer role-playing elements and bums.

Throw in a visual style inspired by the Fleischer cartoons and I know I’d be sold!

Admittedly, this game could well get around an having overpowered character but need an overpowered platform to play it on.
FoximusPrime81 (gamertag/NN ID/Twitter)

GC: Superman can’t die easily but what video game character does? Make the health bar the people around him and not Superman himself and that seems a very interesting set-up to us. Especially as Superman has an excellent rogue’s gallery, full of villains that are serious threats to him – the fact that the movies only ever use Lex Luthor and Zod just means most people haven’t heard of them.

Inbox also-rans
Gears Of War is a name I haven’t thought of what must be years. Weird how even the biggest name can become irrelevant very quickly if it doesn’t keep innovating. They’re obviously in no rush to make Gears 6, despite ending on a cliffhanger.

I wonder what that GTA 6 hacker is going to be thinking as he rots away in his jail cell? Probably that the game still won’t be released by the time he gets out!

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