Greg James hit in the head by a bus and told by driver to ‘shut up’ about it
Posted by  badge Boss on Apr 12
A bus drove into Greg James’ head and he didn’t even get a sorry (Picture: Getty Images)

Radio 1 star has shared the ultimate story of adding insult to injury as he recalled the time he got hit by a bus in the head.

Yes, the head.

The was left speechless when a bus driver pulled in so quickly into the stop that he, waiting on the pavement, was actually knocked on the head by the vehicle.

But what came next was almost even more shocking, as the driver wasn’t exactly apologetic.

Greg, 37, appeared on Elizabeth Day’s podcast where he shared the story of how he essentially failed when it came to taking public transport.

First joking that he was taking the bus because Greg said the driver ‘swooped in so quickly he hit my head. Actually hit my head. I was on the pavement.

Greg was completely aghast at the driver’s reaction (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)

‘And I went: “Mate, you’ve just hit me in the head with your bus!” And he went: “Oh, shut up!”‘

Aghast, Greg replied: ‘What do you mean shut up, you’ve just hit me on the head with your bus! Look how big your bus is!’

The bizarre story aired in a March edition of Elizabeth’s podcast and is beginning to gain traction now as more people listen in to hear the sheer incredulity of it.

In the same episode, Greg admitted that he gets ‘riled at transport’ and gets ‘quite road-ragey,’ sharing another story from when he had just started cycling again after taking a break for a while.

‘I get so cross with cars. You feel so vulnerable. I have fantasies where I’m like, “If that person gets too close to me and they stop at the next traffic lights, I’m going to go over there and kick that wing mirror off.’

He didn’t get the chance however, as he revealed he did knock on a cab driver’s car because he was ‘so close to me,’ and gearing for a fight, told him ‘You were so close to me back there!’

Greg recently opened up on his marriage to Bella Mackie and said they’re in no rush to have children (Picture: Getty Images for Audi UK)

But the cabbie simply said: ‘Was I? Oh, I’m really sorry mate.’ Leaving Greg to leave it at ‘Don’t do it again – and have a great day.’

It comes as the DJ opened up about plans to have children with his wife, author Bella Mackie, and admitted they weren’t in any rush.

Having watched their friends get to grips with childhood, the married couple realised it ‘looks hard’ and are in no rush to change their ‘nice life’ right now.

‘But basically we’re both on … It’s where we are at the moment. We’ve having a nice time.

‘Bella is enjoying her success as a writer and we can take a view later. Ask ourselves: what does our life look like in 10, 15, 20 years? We’re fine without it’.