Hairy Bikers star Si King flooded with support after ‘empty seat’ snap
Posted by  badge Boss on 2 weeks ago
Si King’s post on The Hairy Bikers’ Instagram led to fan support (Picture: Instagram/The Hairy Bikers)

has shared a poignant image on ’ social media page, which led fans to show support.

On February 28, King lost his best friend , the other half of the Hairy Bikers. With King, and by his side, Myers passed away aged 66 two years after being 

King and Myers had a, which translated to their TV partnership and the subsequent projects often involving food and drink.

Together, they created a Hairy Bikers beer, which features their faces on the label and is being released in supermarkets just three months after Myers’ death.

On Instagram, King shared a photo of himself enjoying their work in a garden while sitting on a wooden chair in front of a roaring fire.

Alongside the image, he wrote: ‘Thrilled to announce our delicious Hairy Biker Triple Hop beer that we lovingly made with  is coming to a shelf near you – first stop Waitrose!

King enjoyed an alfresco beer (Picture: Instagram/The Hairy Bikers)
The labels have The Hairy Bikers image on them (Picture: Instagram/The Hairy Bikers)

‘Go grab a bottle, sit down, relax and enjoy! Si x,’ he signed off.

Directly next to King, 57, was an empty chair, and an extra bottle of beer, which did not go unnoticed, who thought it was metaphorically reserved for Myers.

‘I notice you have a beer for Dave too. Heart-wrenching and heartwarming simultaneously,’ wrote Donna.

King was sent supportive messages (Picture: Instagram/The Hairy Bikers)

‘The man is still by your side. always and forever. We all miss him Si. Can’t imagine how you feel xx,’ added account Hoof Antiques.

Fiona commented: ‘Very poignant photo Si 😢 I think we should all get one & raise a toast to Dave the legend.’ Many others echoed her sentiments and vowed to purchase a bottle in honour of Myers.

Singer Sonique Clarke shared: ‘He is sitting in the chair next to you.’

Kelly West said there was ‘something sad’ about the photo, and Scott agreed: ‘Possibly the saddest picture I’ve seen in years of you sat with a bottle & an empty chair.’

Jasmine Flower typed: ‘Ohh he is there with you always and waiting to start your journey together again in the sky!’

King finds it ‘strange’ without Myers (Picture: Instagram/The Hairy Bikers)

King has spoken about missing his best friend but has during public appearances.

‘It’s really strange for us all not to have Dave around but for now, we will keep posting on the Hairy Bikers socials to keep in touch with all those people who have been so kind over many years and particularly in recent weeks,’ he wrote on X earlier this year.

King continues to use the platform to let fans know about events he is attending and projects in the works.