Halo fans beyond excited as season 2 delivers ‘series they’ve been waiting for’
Posted by  badge Boss on 3 weeks ago
How do you fancy meeting Master Chief in the flesh? (Picture: Paramount Plus)

The TV adaptation for is back for season 2, and excited fans have been teased that the new episodes are set to bring them the ‘series they’ve been waiting for’.

The epic military sci-fi show is based on the of the same name, which originally launched in 2001 and has accumulated billions of dollars in sales over the past two decades.

It eventually spawned a live-action TV show on , which debuted in 2022 and stars , the main protagonist of the game also known as Master Chief Petty Officer John-117.

Very soon, fans of the spin-off series will be able to discover what lies in store for the second season – and they’ll also have the chance to meet Master Chief himself in the flesh.

The iconic character wlil be handing out special editions of the newspaper at Liverpool Street station to celebrate the release, complete with mesmerising mirrored covers.

Pablo’s Master Chief will be armoured up in all his glory on the front and back cover, while Bokeem Woodbine’s Soren and Natascha McElhone’s Halsey will also be making special appearances with their own character posters.

Ahead of the release of Halo season two, the reviews for the upcoming episodes shone a spotlight on the high-octane action that gave it a ‘tone closer to that of the games’.

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Alex Maidy wrote in that the new season was a ‘step in the right direction for delivering the series Halo fans have been waiting for’, while praising the explosive sequences.

’s Bradley Russell stated that there was a ‘lot to like’ for people returning to the drama after the first season came out two years ago.

Kate Sánchez added in that the new showrunner and executive producer David Wiener appeared to have ‘taken notes’ from the first season to ensure that the new outing went ‘harder’.

‘It goes harder when it comes to action, sci-fi takes on humanity, and a little more that is better left seen than read,’ she shared.

‘Halo Season 2 moves faster than the last. Truthfully, it never stops being exciting.’

Bokeem Woodbine is back as Soren in the second season (Picture: Paramount Plus)
The video games became a global phenomenon (Picture: Paramount Plus)

Kate continued: ‘Bigger than the first season and much more fine-tuned, Halo Season 2 is better than the last and has a promising future.’

When is Halo season 2 coming out?

The second season of Halo premieres on Paramount Plus on Thursday February 8, with the first two episodes released on the same date.

Afterwards, episodes will be released on a weekly basis each Thursday, leading up to the finale’s air date on Thursday March 21.

Halo is available to watch on Paramount Plus.