Harry Potter star unrecognisable as he reappears after spell in prison
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 23, 2023 - 11:27AM
Jamie Waylett looks pretty different to his character in Harry Potter (Picture: Cameo/Jamie Waylett)

Jamie Waylett looks like a different person to his character s.

The 34-year-old former actor had a pretty significant part in – yes, he was a Slytherin.

If you haven’t already guessed it, Jamie played one half of Draco Malfoy’s entourage, Vincent Crabbe, in six films before being dropped from the last two after he was caught growing cannabis.

The child star also had another run in with the law for his involvement in the riots of 2011, when he was arrested for handling stolen goods – a bottle of champagne from Sainsburys – and for violent disorder.

For this, Jamie served a two-year prison sentence in 2012.

The jury heard how Jamie was pictured on a ‘number of occasions with a bottle full of petrol with a rag as a wick’ and the judge ruled that although he did not throw – or have any intention of throwing it – merely ‘being in possession of it would have been terrifying’ for onlookers.

The star played Vincent Crabbe in six films (Picture: Cameo/Jamie Waylett)
He was later axed from the franchise after being caught growing cannabis (Picture: Cameo/Jamie Waylett)

In the Wood Green Crown Court trial, his defence said Jamie was a ‘withered actor by the age of 22,’ and while being in the Harry Potter films was seemingly a stroke of good fortune, ‘it turned out to be not so good fortune.’

Now Jamie is taking to Cameo – a site where famous people charge fans for a personalised recorded video messages – where he is making £164 per clip.

The star – who looks much different to the young actor we saw in the films – ended one recent video with, ‘Slytherin for life!’ while in another began with, ‘Vincent Crabbe, straight outta’ Hogwarts.’

Jamie spent two years in prison for his involvement in the London riots of 2011 (Picture: REUTERS/Stephen Hird)
He played Draco Malfoy’s Slytherin buddy in the films (Picture: YouTube/Warner Bros)
He acted alongside Tom Felton in many scenes (Picture: YouTube/Warner Bros)

Jamie starred in many scenes throughout the film franchise, often seen shadowingSlytherin BNOC Draco.

In one memorable scene, Hermione Granger (played by Emma Watson) drugs Crabbe and his double act partner Gregory Goyle with enchanted cupcakes.

Then, Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) and his best mate Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) take a potion, and concocted using a strand of Crabbe and Goyle’s hair, transform into the Slytherins in order to get information from Malfoy.

It’s not clear, outside of Cameo, what Jamie is up to – but his acting career seemingly halted after his role was cut short in the wizarding franchise.