Harry Styles halts sold out London gig mid-song after spotting fan in distress
Posted by  badge Boss on May 25
Harry made sure the fan was okay before continuing his set (Picture: HS/MEGA)

halted his performance after he noticed a fan in distress during his sold out show.

The Adore You singer, 28,  on Tuesday night where he performed tracks from his acclaimed new album Harry’s House. 

As he sang his hit 2017 single Sign Of The Times, Harry stopped midway to check if the audience member was okay, and asked fans to ‘split, make a pathway down, please’ so help could reach them.

Addressing the rest of the crowd, he asked: ‘Everyone else good? You okay?’

The concerned musician added: ‘We’re going to keep going if everyone feels good.’

While singing his pop rock ballad, Harry also brandished a Ukraine flag, and later brought out a Pride rainbow flag in support of the LGBTQ+ community.

Elsewhere during the gig, after she revealed her boyfriend cheated on her.

After noticing Jess’s sign, Harry addressed the audience, saying: ‘This sign says, I might paraphrase, “My boyfriend slept with my best friend,” and then it says, “Boyfriends suck.”.’

Harry asked Jess what her boyfriend’s name was, to which she responded Luke.

Fans shared the moment on social media (Picture: Twitter)

‘It’s a sh*t name anyway,’ the singer replied. ‘Not going to lie Jess, that’s brutal, what I will say is, you’re better off without him.

The 13-track album features the chart-topping lead single As It Was, with John Mayer on lead guitar on the songs Cinema and Daydreaming.

Speaking about the record, he said: ‘I think everyone went through a big moment of self-reflection, a lot of navel-gazing, and I don’t know if there’s anything more navel-gazing than making an album. It’s so self-absorbed.’

He added: ‘It sounds like the biggest, and the most fun, but it’s by far the most intimate.’