Heart Radio’s Yasmin Evans shares first photo on crutches after being ‘punched and knocked out’ in brutal assault
Posted by  badge Boss on May 30
Yasmin Evans is getting back to work (Picture: Instagram)

Heart Radio star Yasmin Evans has shared the first photo of herself on crutches after she suffered a

After the presenter returned to work, she hosted the Bafta premiere of Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis.

Sharing a snap in the mirror, she looked stunning in an all-white look, leaning on her crutch for support.

Yasmin wrote on her Instagram Stories: ‘Hey loves, I thought about taking some time off the next few days and maybe I will at some point but tonight I hosted a premiere with a beautiful cast & crew including Tom Hanks, Baz Lurhmann (fan girl), and Olivia DeJonge, it was such a great conversation, even Tom Hanks took the time to big me up.’

The presenter added: ‘Crutch and I are taking ourselves to bed but before I do I just want to say I am so incredibly blown away and emotional about your support.

‘A million thank yous aren’t enough. I’m hoping some updates follow and in the meantime your words & love mean a lot.’

She looked sensational as she returns to work (Picture: Instagram)

Yasmin recently returned to work after being the victim of a shocking assault.

It happened on Friday night as the 31-year-old was walking towards Liverpool Street station in  to get a train home with a friend. 

Yasmin, a former BBC Radio 1Xtra DJ, revealed how one man grabbed her arm before arguing and proceeded to ‘punch [her] in the face’. She was reportedly hit with such force that it ‘knocked me out cold twice along with the person I was with’. 

Sharing the harrowing ordeal in her Instagram stories, the presenter wrote: ‘Three black guys and a guy who was mixed race all punched and kicked me while I was on the ground. 

‘Knocked me out twice whilst saying “just because you’re a women [sic] doesn’t mean I won’t f**k you up”.’ 

She added: ‘I’ve called the police but if anyone was on Liverpool Street and saw anything please contact me… Like I said one mixed race guy, three black guys one of them with short dreads tied back in a bobble that were dipped dyed blonde. I would appreciate your help at around 1:00am in London.’ 

Yasmin was brutally attacked, sharing the details on social media (Picture: Instagram/Yasmin Evans)

After being bombarded with support, Yasmin later told her followers: ‘Still quite shocked but we are okay, injuries may take a little healing but we are good, a crutch is a great accessory at the moment. 

‘I would really like to figure this out in some way, the Police have been very supportive. 

‘But firstly I just need to process what happened. I am supported and not alone, decided to continue with a little bit of my day today and I appreciate you uplifting me. This is all really quite s**t isn’t it?’ 

In another update, Yasmin revealed two witnesses have since reached out to her after seeing the brutal attack.