Here’s why Kesha talked about Hailey Bieber when sharing topless photo
Posted by  badge Boss on Mar 04
Kesha posed topless as she made reference to Hailey Bieber (Picture: Kesha / Twitter)

set the internet alight with a topless photo of herself – while making a cryptic comment about – and some fans were utterly confused by the whole thing.

The, shared the explicit snap to X on Sunday night, and it naturally caught the attention of thousands of fans.

In the snap, Kesha poses completely topless, staring directly at the camera and semi-protecting her modesty by holding up a can of Coca-Cola and a bottle of what looks like champagne.

A towel is draped around the bottom half of her body as she poses before what looks like a basement bar, littered with empty glasses, bottles and cans.

Alongside, Kesha wrote: ‘Hard to be Kesha in but somebody’s gotta do it.’

The star appeared to be making a reference where women jokingly compare themselves to other girls and call themselves a ‘Kesha in a world full of Hailey Biebers’.

The singer gave her own spin to the Kesha Girl trend(Picture: WireImage,)

It could be wearing heavy makeup, partying hard or not subscribing to the ‘clean girl aesthetic’ soaring in popularity.

But to those not in the know, Kesha’s photo and comment could be very confusing indeed, as the star learned with some of the replies to her snap.

Writing on X, user Kayla asked ‘would you care to explain Kesha?’, while @bloodylikeabody asked ‘Now what is that supposed to mean?’ and @JBstrawberry1 asked ‘what does it even mean?’

Hailey is one of the faces of the ‘clean girl aesthetic’ gaining massive popularity (Picture: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)
Kesha and Hailey’s aesthetics are completely different but plenty of fans declared their support for both women (Picture: Getty Images)

User Elo was eager to stop any confusion as she clarified ‘Hailey is so iconic it’s not hate, it’s a trend about people wanting to be a clean girl like Hailey and a party girl like Kesha!’

User Jey propped both women up, writing ‘she’s an icon, you’re a legend. Both it girls!’

Hailey, who is married to Justin Bieber, has made headlines recently as hernfather Stephen Baldwin asked for ‘prayers’ for the couple, sparking rumours there were troubles in their marriage or health.

have spoken openly about the  at the start of their marriage as Justin struggled with  issues , and both , but have remained committed to each other and shared their lives with fans through documentary Seasons.

Now,  has reported that Hailey isn’t pleased with her father for drawing attention to them by sharing the post from Christian influencer Victor Marx, which said ‘Christians, please when you think of Justin and Hailey, take a moment to offer a little prayer for them to have wisdom, protection, and to draw close to the Lord.’