Hollywood star suffers excruciating injury while shooting ‘dark and sexual’ orgy scene
Posted by  badge Boss on Mar 08
James McAvoy’s improvised movie left him with a damaged knee (Picture: Jun Sato/WireImage)

It wasn’t quite business as usual for star as an orgy scene in his new film took a turn and he ended up damaging his knee.

The 44-year-old was shooting a ‘dark and sexual’ drug-filled orgy for his new improvised film Turn Up The Sun!

This is the second film James has made without a script, following the success of which has stunned viewers.

Turn Up The Sun! follows two couples who unknowingly book a countryside mansion together and ‘discover strange occurrences’ during their stay.

One strange occurrence was apparently an improvised orgy scene in which he held co-star Almudena Amor upside down, only to get a surprise when someone nibbled his neck.

‘I just did an improvised film which was shot in six days and it’s quite dark and sexual,’ James told Martin Compston and Gordon Smart on the  podcast.

The entire film was improvised – including an orgy scene (Picture: James Shaw/Shutterstock)

The star continued: ‘The second last day of filming ended with about nine of us doing an orgy scene. An improvised f**king orgy scene.

‘It was hardcore dancing, everybody is on drugs, we had all drunk loads of whisky and there was loads of kissing, groping and disrobing.’

Also starring in Turn Up The Sun! are The Fall’s Aisling Franciosi, Marvel’s , and star, .

He explained he and actor Almudena had to ‘go at it with each other’, noting their slight height difference created a problem for the 5ft7in short king.

James added: ‘We had to be funny with it but properly go for it and we were both in the same headspace. So, we get to this improvised orgy and she’s bigger than me, she’s like 5ft 11in.

He was holding co-star Almudena Amor upside down (Picture: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)
Turn Up The Sun! also stars Emily in Paris’ Lucas Bravo (Picture: Kristy Sparow/Getty Images)

‘At one point I was holding her upside down and we were doing some weird thing and somebody grabbed me on the back of the neck to start biting my neck.

‘I just decked it and smashed my knee real hard on the ground. I think that’s the only time I’ve been injured making a film.’

Luckily, James managed to finish shooting despite his pain but the movie — directed by Jamie Adams — is yet to be given a release date.

When the cast was announced, producer Shaun Sanghani told : ‘James McAvoy is one of the most talented actors in the business and having him and the rest of our amazing cast collaborate with Jamie Adams, who we are lucky to be reteaming with for a second feature, is exciting on every level.’

The film, starring Aisling Franciosi, doesn’t have a release date (Picture: Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)
James stepped back from blockbuster movies after welcoming his son (Picture: Eric Charbonneau/Getty Images for Sony Pictures)

This isn’t the first time the X-Men icon has pushed himself in an improvised film, having where he was the only actor not given a script.

He said the experience was ‘crazy’ but made his reactions ‘natural’, thankfully James left that set unscathed but admitted he did climb a tree at one point in panic.

James joked: ‘‘I felt really proud of myself, but when I got down the director said, “I need you to do it a different way, because how do you say in English? It is just a bit f**king stupid!”‘