How long is My Mum, Your Dad on for? Episode number revealed
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 12
The single parents hoping for love – with the offspring who nominated them (Picture: ITV)

is the new dating show that’s serving up a slice of middle-aged single life.

From where he opened up on the death of his wife, to the secret bunker where all the adult offspring cringed with embarrassment at their parents’ flirting, it’s certainly got people talking.

hosts the show, which so far has seen businessman Paul feeling so nervous he could barely speak to therapist Monique, and sweet welfare officer Sharon getting on a treat with PE teacher Elliott.

Not to mention a lot of electric toothbrushing. We’re not sure why they always show that, either.

It’s been dubbed the ‘middle-aged ’, and is filmed at .

So if you’re keen to dive in and find out what’s happening with – and their offspring – when it is on, and how long will the series last?

Let’s find out.

When is My Mum, Your Dad on TV?

My Mum, Your Dad airs on weeknights at 9pm.

Davina McCall is on hand to try and ensure the path to true love runs smoothly (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)

You can watch all the action on ITV and ITVX.

Clayton, Paul, Roger and Elliott bond in the mansion’s kitchen (Picture: ITV)

So far, Roger, Monique, Clayton, Caroline, Elliott, Sharon, Natalie and Paul have entered the mansion, and they are due to be joined by lively recruitment manager and singer, Janey, 47 – who was nominated by her 19-year-old son, Will, a student.

The offspring help direct the action from a secret bunker (Picture: ITV)

How many episodes are there?

Unlike Love Island, which runs for several weeks and has a live final, My Mum, Your Dad is all pre-recorded.

There are 10 episodes, so that means there’s no time to waste in checking out potential soulmates.

Monique was nominated by her daughter Taiya, a student, from North London (Picture: ITV)

The 10 episodes will air Monday to Friday inclusive over a two-week period, and they began on Monday, September 11, 2023.

So the show is due to end on Friday, September 22. gave My Mum, Your Dad a, dubbing widower Roger a ‘standout’ as he embarked on dating for the first time in 37 years.

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