How old is PinupPixie? Influencer goes viral for revealing 18-year-old son
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 22, 2022 - 01:23PM

PinupPixie, whose actual name is Bianca Blakney, has become an internet sensation ever since she disclosed in a recent video posted to TikTok that she is the mother of a child who is 18 years old. The fact that the TikTok star, who is only 24 years old, is a mother to a grown-up young adult came as a surprise to her admirers, as none of them expected her to already have a child.

The movie was produced and uploaded just two days ago, when PinupPixie’s kid was on the verge of becoming 18 years old for the first time. She said in the caption that she discussed all of this and said:

Over 3.2 million people have watched the video, and a lot of people have commented on how shocked they were by her disclosure. The video has only been up for two days.


Is PinupPixie the stepmother of the 18-year-old? Details about the influencer revealed

PinupPixie, also known as Bianca Blakney, is a well-known content creator who is best known for her short-form cosplay videos that are inspired by the 1950s. She has approximately 11 million followers on TikTok and 360,000 followers on Instagram, and she regularly creates and broadcasts videos in which she experiments with retro hair and attire, which her following appears to like watching.

She is a familiar face on social media platforms in British Columbia, Canada, and she also maintains a YouTube channel, on which she regularly posts videos, which have earned her more than 14,500 subscribers.

She is such a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe that she frequently shares videos of herself imitating the legend’s most recognizable looks. Many of her fans believe that Marilyn Monroe is a major influence on the majority of her wardrobe choices.

The TikToker was born on November 25, 1997, and as of right now, he is 24 years old. She came from a Christian home when she was born.

According to several accounts, PinupPixie’s mother is a stay-at-home mom while her father has his own business. PinupPixie is very private and discreet about her family as well as her husband, despite the fact that the majority of her fans are interested in learning more about her family.

Another reason for this is that she never shares any videos or photographs on social media that feature her family. As a result, individuals were taken aback when she uploaded a video together with her baby.

However, given that PinupPixie is 24 years old herself, it is reasonable to suppose that the boy in question is the stepchild she shares with her spouse. In addition to that, she has a stepdaughter who is 13 years old, as well as a biological daughter who is 6 years old. Bianca gave birth to the biological daughter when she was just 18 years old.

PineapplePixie has three vintage automobiles, which contribute significantly to both her riches and her net worth. Her primary source of revenue comes from sponsorships on TikTok, in addition to modeling jobs. The influencer is also making money from On***ans, which brings her total earnings to somewhere in the neighborhood of $800,000 dollars.

Bianca is well-known for her ability to create material that quickly goes viral and garners millions of views. In point of fact, individual views of several of her dance videos range from 34 million to 48 million.

People all over the world were taken aback when Bianca shared the video that she had shot with her stepson since nobody had anticipated that she would be the mother of a young adult. People’s responses to the post ranged from clever to downright humorous. Additionally, a user said:

The fact that Bianca dresses in an extremely retro fashion, which lends both her material and her personality a one-of-a-kind and recognizable air, is largely responsible for the fact that she has amassed a massive following on social media.

PinupPixie explored as she revealed she is a mother of an 18 year old son

Pinup Pixie Wiki/Biography

Pinup Pixie’s birthday, which occurs on November 25th of each year, was celebrated with her Canadian family in British Columbia, Canada. In spite of the fact that her zodiac sign is a Sagittarius, her birth name is Bianca Blakney. She spent her childhood in a rural community located in the province of British Columbia in Canada. Pixie received her high school diploma from a private institution located in her hometown. Bianca, on the other hand, has not yet provided any information regarding the specifics of her educational background.

She professes faith in Christianity and has Canadian citizenship as her nation of origin. However, we have not yet been successful in locating any information regarding Blakney’s parents or siblings. These specifics will promptly receive an update from us. It is established that she is married. According to a number of articles, she is the biological mother of a child who is six years old, and she also has two stepchildren who are 17 and 14 years old. In terms of her past romantic endeavors, she has had experience in more than one relationship in the past.

Real Name Bianca Blakney
Nickname Pixie
Profession Tiktok star, cosplayer, and social media influencer
Age 24 [as of 2021]
Date of Birth November 25, 1997
Birthplace BC, Canada
Hometown BC, Canada
Zodiac Sign Sagitarrius
Nationality Canadian
Religion Christianity
College Not Known
Hobbies Traveling
Famous For Tiktoks


Pinup Pixie kicked off her career as a Tiktok model more than a couple of years ago. Her substance is very different from that of the vast majority of well-known people. On her account, she posts things related to cosplay and antique clothing and accessories. In 2019, she established a pattern of regular posting, which contributed to her rise to prominence the following year. She has already accumulated more than 2.5 followers on Tiktok before the end of the year 2020. It is speculated that she has been interested in antique clothing for approximately five years at this point.

As was just discussed, the one-of-a-kind quality of her writing sets it apart from the work of others. As a consequence of this, it was not difficult for her videos to amass millions of likes. She has recently reached the milestone of 10 million followers, which is a testament to the ever-increasing popularity she enjoys. Currently, she has more than 10.4 million followers, and her videos have been viewed a total of 410 million times.

When you look at her other social media profiles, you’ll see that she started her YouTube channel in July 2020 and started regularly submitting videos the following year (2021). Despite this, she typically simply re-uploads the content from her Tiktok account. It is clear that she is not putting any effort into creating lengthy films for the website. It’s possible that this is due to YouTube’s relatively recent introduction of their Shorts feature. She has uploaded more than 150 videos and has approximately 14,000 subscribers to her channel so far.

Pinup Pixie Net Worth

Pinup Pixie is able to maintain a luxurious lifestyle thanks to her success as a fashion influencer. It is estimated that she has a salary of approximately $800,000, while the majority of her revenue comes from sponsorships, paid memberships, and a variety of other sources. She is able to promote many companies through her millions of followers on her various social media profiles, which she uses in her role as an influencer. To this point, she has collaborated with a wide range of fashion and cosmetics firms, some of which include Unique Vintage and The Oblong Box Shop, amongst others. Our calculations suggest that she requests somewhere in the neighborhood of $5,500 for each sponsored post on Tiktok.

Taking things one step further, she provides further explicit content on her On***ans. This supplemental material includes the posts that the author was unable to distribute via her various social media channels. The prices for her subscription options are as follows: $20 per month, $48 per quarter, $84 per semi-annually, and $156 per year. Up to this point, she has shared approximately 500 social posts and has received 160,00 likes. In addition to income from memberships, she also makes money through tips and content sold via pay-per-view.

When one considers her supplementary sources of income, one finds that she operates an online store under the domain name You are able to purchase her one-of-a-kind fine art paints on the internet. Jeff Wack is the artist responsible for the painting. In the initial collection, there are a total of six unique works of art, and the price tag for each one is $599. In addition to this, she is the proprietor of a second web store known as She has featured t-shirts, coffee mugs, and phone cases in this section. In point of fact, Jeff Wack was the one responsible for the creation of this piece of artwork. Lastly, every time someone makes a purchase on Amazon after clicking on her affiliate link, she receives a commission from the company.