Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds offer hilarious update on Wolverine after Deadpool 3 announcement
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 28
Ryan Reynolds confirmed that Hugh Jackman will be in Deadpool 3 (Picture: Twitter)

 and  have attempted to answer Marvel fans burning questions, in a hilarious new video about 

It comes hours after Reynolds shared a video to Instagram on Tuesday, where  to play his long-time  character, 

As social media burst into excitement over the news,  fans also had questions about the bombshell announcement: would this be a different variant of Wolverine from the Multiverse? Is Wolverine coming back to life after 

Well, Reynolds and Jackman set out to clear the air in a ‘quick explainer video’ to their separate social media pages.

The Deadpool lead captioned the post on Twitter: ‘Quick explainer video that tackles… 1) Timeline questions 2) Logan canon 3) MCU FAQ 4)Whether we can do this all day or not.’ 

In the clip, the pair talked directly into the camera for a comical breakdown, with Reynolds beginning: ‘Hi. You have questions.’ 

‘Yes,’ his pal replied seriously. ‘I had a lot of questions. I’m sure you have a lot of questions, but rest assured we’re going to answer them right now.’ 

The Greatest Showman star then addressed the elephant in the room, Wolverine’s ‘final outing’ in his third solo movie, Logan.

He asked: ‘Like for example, how is Wolverine alive after Logan?’

Reynolds then clarified that Deadpool 3 will happen before Wolverine’s death, which could be as part of the MCU’s venture into the multiverse or simply a time jump.  

Hugh and Ryan had a mini play-fight in the brief clip (Picture: Twitter)
What can fans expect from Deadpool 3? More of the same, probably… (Picture: Twitter)

‘Logan takes place in 2029. Totally separate thing. Logan died in Logan, not touching that,’ he insisted.

‘What actually happens in our film is these two f**king guys.’ 

The audio cut out just as Wham’s Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go played over the top, at which point the duo mimed a fight sequence with Jackman pretending to stab Reynolds in the head with his fake claws.

‘Thank you, Kevin Feige’ Reynolds added, as Jackman agreed: ‘Love you Kevin Feige! Thank you MCU!’ 

The long-time friends finished their hilarious video by letting the credits roll with pictures of them throughout the years, dating back to their first outing as their Marvel characters in X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009. 

While there wasn’t that much information to digest, fans were given another taste of the chaotic double act and fun-filled ride that the movie is certain to deliver in 2024.