‘I even got to ring the bell’: The Home Edit star Clea Shearer celebrates finishing chemotherapy amid cancer battle
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 10, 2022 - 12:12AM
Clea Shearer, star of the Home Edit, has finished chemotherapy treatments (Picture: Getty)

The Home Edit co-founder Clea Shearer has officially finished chemotherapy.

The 40-year-old was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast , known as invasive mammary carcinoma, in March of this year.

Taking to Instagram, the Netflix star confirmed that she had finally completed months of chemotherapy.

Alongside pictures and videos showing the moment she rang the ceremonial bell, symbolizing the end of her treatment, she penned: ’I got some very good news today… I AM DONE WITH CHEMO!!! I even got to ring the bell!

‘When I went in for my infusion, my lab work came back with a low white blood cell count (again!) and my oncologist decided that after 4 rounds of AC and 6 rounds of Taxol, my body has had enough. 

‘In my case, long term toxicity outweighed the benefit of finishing the chemo cycles.’

Clea explained that she will be taking on the next step in her journey to getting better, undergoing radiation in a few weeks.

‘I have to wait a few weeks for my body to recover and rest, and then it’s on to radiation! Which is a whole other can of worms that I’m not going to think about today,’ she continued. 

‘Today, I’m only focusing on all the things I will soon be able to do again… and of course my hair growing back. That’s a nice bonus.

‘Love you all. Xo, Clea.’

Clea is co-founder of the Home Edit with Joanna Teplin (Picture: Getty)

Her comments section was flooded with messages of support and well wishes from fans and famous pals alike.

Reese Witherspoon led the way, simply penning: ‘YESSSSSS!!!’

Bruce Willis’ wife Emma replied: ‘Cheering loud for you!!!!!’

‘Wow this is a HUGE milestone in your breast cancer journey @cleashearer. Wishing you sunnier days ahead #yougotthis,’ a follower commented.

Another agreed: ’Thank you for sharing all these moments!!! Cheering for you!’

As one added: ‘Beyond exciting. Very sweet they wrote your certificate in rainbow. Thank you for being so open in sharing your journey with us.’

During a self-exam earlier this year, Clea noticed that she could feel ‘a mass’ in her right breast and shared her fears with her doctor, who was able to book her in for a test a few days later.

‘I think I had convinced myself, because of my age and because I don’t have a history of breast cancer in my family, that it was something, but it would not be a cancerous tumor,’ she told People Magazine after learning the diagnosis.

‘It’s crazy to look in the mirror and tell yourself that right now, as you’re physically standing there, you are a person who has cancer. It’s crazy to say it out loud. It was really scary and really, really, really emotional. 

‘At that point, I didn’t know what stage it was. I didn’t know if it had spread. You go into a pretty dark place until you have more information.’

‘I’m a fighter. If anyone can crush cancer, it is me,’ she added. ‘I’m literally afraid for cancer and I’ve got this. Even though I know that I’ll be scared the night before, and I’m sure, in the first weeks of recovery, I’ll be pretty grumpy, but it doesn’t mean that I feel any less resolute about absolutely nailing it and putting cancer in my rearview.’