Iain Stirling reveals ‘a man stole his shoes’ from a hot yoga class
Posted by  badge Boss on May 21

shared quite the story on , confessing that a man once stole his shoes from a hot yoga class.

The narrator, who appeared on BBC One discussing his new comedy special, was giving an example of when he felt ‘nervous’, despite being one of the most famous voices in TV.

‘Things just tend to go wrong for me,’ he began.

‘I tried to get in shape recently and went to hot yoga, a very thing to do, and then a man stole my shoes while I was there.

‘I went into the changing rooms to get dressed afterwards and a man just had my shoes on,’ Iain continued.

‘I said “Those are my shoes,” and he said “No they’re not,” and he walked out… with my shoes on.

‘And I can’t run after him because I was doing hot yoga and you have to wear pants in hot yoga, that’s what the woman told me… I’m not sure if that’s actually true.’

Iain Stirling confessed a surprising hot yoga story (Picture: WireImage)

Aside from discussing his hot yoga attire, Iain commented on the news that this year, in a bid to be ‘more eco-friendly’.

Amid the continued warnings about the , it’s been revealed that for the first time on the show, the 2022 contestants will be wearing second-hand clothes with eBay set to become the ITV programme’s first ever ‘Pre-Loved Fashion Partner’.

‘I’m not the go-to person when it comes to things like this, I can see the Love Island PR already panicking, but we’re going pre-loved this year on the clothing,’ Iain said, before looking nervous as he attempted to answer the next question about the popular dating show.

‘I’m absolutely happy to talk about this at length, I just don’t know if ITV are… “He’s going to say something stupid and get us into trouble,” possibly!’ he joked.

Iain’s narration will return to our screens this summer, along with his wife who has hosted Love Island since January 2020, taking over from the late Caroline Flack.

The couple married in December 2020 and have a daughter together (Picture: Getty)

Laura and Iain, , married in December 2020 after dating for three years.

Speaking about their daughter, Iain shared: ‘The best thing is just watching this little person learn to laugh and plan, and even like they learn to knock a block together and you say, “No other baby is capable of that, I must have the most intelligent baby that’s ever lived, this baby can stand!” he joked, adding how ‘lucky’ he was to have wife by his side.

Elsewhere on The One Show, The Time Traveller’s Wife star gushed over the dating reality show’s return, saying to Iain: ‘I love everything about it, it is your comedy, your narration makes it and always has done, but also it’s a little bit like Wimbledon, when it comes back round again you know we’re in Summer. Our Summer has arrived.’

Ian replied: ‘Love Island has been compared to so many things but Wimbledon is my absolute favourite – I love that!’

The One Shows airs weekdays from 7pm on BBC One.