Inside Laurence Fox’s relationship with cousin Emilia amid political controversy
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 30
Laurence Fox’s family members have spoken about his controversial views in recent years (Picture: PA)

As part of a family well-known in the entertainment industry, has many famous relatives.

However, the actor-turned-commentator and political hopeful has come under fire from both the public andafter making controversial statements.

In the past, Laurence has publicly criticised the George Floyd protests and COVID-19 vaccines, founded a right-wing populist political party and sparked controversy with posts including one where he shared an image of a swastika made from the Progress flag.

Last year he was notably fired from after launching into a misogynistic tirade against a female journalist which was later singled out as the most complained about moment on British TV of 2023.

Then today, it was ruled on social media in 2020, which came after they called him a ‘racist’ for calling for a boycott of Sainsbury’s after they announced plans to provide a safe space for black employees during Black History Month.

Over this time, Laurence has been slammed by many for his controversial comments and actions.

However, while, whom he appeared with on Gogglebox five years ago did once distance herself from his political views, she indicated it didn’t affect their relationship.

Do Emilia Fox and Laurence Fox have any other famous relatives?

His cousin Emilia has said ‘people can have different opinion on things’ (Picture: Dave Benett/Getty Images)

Laurence was born to parents Mary Elizabeth Piper and BAFTA award-winning actor James Fox.

His paternal grandfather was talent agent Robin Fox while his paternal grandmother was actress Angela Worthington, whose father was playwright Frederick Lonsdale.

He has two older brothers named Tom and Robin, a younger sister named Lydia, as well as younger brother Jack.

Robin is a film producer, while Lydia and Jack are actors.

His sister is also married to comedian and filmmaker Richard Ayoade.

Laurence’s uncles are also producer Robert Fox and actor Edward Fox, the latter of whom has children Freddie Fox, an actor, and Emilia Fox, best known for her roles in TV shows and films including Silent Witness, The Pianist and Pride and Prejudice.

He was also previously married to Doctor Who actress Billie Piper, who he shares two sons with.

Have Emilia Fox and Laurence Fox appeared together on TV before?

They previously appeared on Celebrity Gogglebox in 2019 (Picture: Channel 4)

Although Laurence and Emilia did once appear on Celebrity Gogglebox in 2019, they have never acted on screen together.

Emilia also starred alongside Laurence’s Billie in the film Things To Do Before You’re 30, while the now-divorced couple were still married.

What has Emilia Fox said about Laurence Fox’s political views?

Laurence is also related to Freddie and Jack Fox (Picture: Dave Benett/Getty Images)

In 2021 Emilia told spoke about her cousin in an interview with The Times.

‘I don’t know what emails you’ve had, but Laurence is my cousin, he’s family and I love my family. I think he’d be the first to advocate that people can have different opinions on things,’ she told the publication, who reported they’d been instructed not to ask questions about him.

At that time, Laurence had received backlash for his vocal opposition to lockdowns, as well as promising a ‘no mask’ mandate and a ban on Covid passports during his unsuccessful campaign for London Mayor.

He’d also insisted that being called a ‘white privileged male’ was racist and that the Duchess of Sussex had not be subjected to racism, and had also refused to take the knee in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

‘We’ve had very different life experiences and Laurence’s political life is nothing to do with my relationship with him,’ she continued.

‘We’ve had some amazing times together and we’ve been very mutually supportive of our personal lives.’

Asked if Emilia was ‘worried’ about him, she said: ‘Why should I be worried? What are the things you are worried about? Laurence is well capable of standing on his own two feet.’

What have other family members said about Laurence Fox?

Richard Ayoade is the former actor’s brother-in-law (Picture: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

In 2020 Laurence also had a notable public feud with brother-in-law Richard after the former actor had asked for support on Twitter following a controversial appearance on Question Time.

During one point in the show, Laurence had told a black woman in the audience that discussing racism was ‘boring’.

According to Laurence, Richard told him that ‘you have never encountered racism’, to which he claimed he had because he’d ‘worked in Kenya once’ and ‘racism can be deferential’.

Last year Emilia’s brother Freddie called out Laurence, saying he ‘fundamentally and completely oppose Laurence’s political views and the way he chooses to express them’.

‘His views both shock and appall me. And that’s all I’ve got to say about it,’ he added when speaking to The Independent.

In an interview with in 2020, Laurence’s brother Jack refused to comment about the controversies.

‘It’s his existence and I wouldn’t do it justice as to where he comes from on these things,’ he said.