Inspirational man with cerebral palsy recalls ‘incredible pain’ as he made history climbing Everest
Posted by  badge Boss on Apr 12, 2023 - 12:48PM

A man withmade with the help of a ten-strong team and a horse to carry him some of the way.

Five years later, Max Stainton-Parfitt is sharing his adventure in, showing his mission to undertake the first trek of its kind as he worked through ‘incredible pain’ to .

Along the way, as well as the fears from his wife, Max questioned his motivations for the trek, while his horse Rocky left him facing a ‘tough’ part when he failed to ‘play ball’.

Appearing on Wednesday’s Max explained how he had always had a ‘vision’ to undertake the mission, but ‘never thought’ he’d be able to do it.

However, having ridden horses from a young age, he knew there was a way.

Eventually, Rocky, Max, his wife Candy, and the team he chose to bring reached the base camp, but along the way, Rocky left Max walking and in ‘incredible pain’.

Max has made history making it to Everest base camp on horseback (Picture: ITV)

He explained: ‘I can’t walk up a mountain, that day, I basically was walking at least 50% of the time.

‘It was the hardest day, incredible pain on that day, it was tough. That was really the day we were like, “Why are we doing this?”‘

Despite Rocky not ‘playing ball’, he shared a special bond with his rider, as Max explained: ‘I had two or three days before the trek started to get to know the horse and that bond was formed then and it carried us through the day.

‘It basically knew that it wasn’t safe to be on my back, you need to get off.’

Elsewhere, Candy admitted at times she was more concerned about not being able to continue the journey with Max, and what would happen to him if she were left behind.

‘I was just thinking, “What’s he going to do if I get ill or if I hurt myself?”‘ she said.

But the team did make it to base camp, concluding the documentary and making history in the process.

‘It was utter elation, wonderment,’ Max recalled.

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