Is Kiki Passo On TikTok? Tommy Paul Girlfriend and Partner Social Media Presence Is Heavy
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 07

Kiki Passo’s beautiful presence on TikTok has recently made her the most popular person on the site.

Kiki Passo is a well-known social media influencer. Her amazing style and way of life have won over millions of people who follow her. Her fame grows because she is dating American tennis player Tommy Paul.

The tennis champion is currently at Wimbledon, where he has been wowing his fans with a great performance. Because of how well he did in the tournament, his relationship has been brought up again.

Their relationship has been talked about a lot by their fans and on the internet. Let’s take a quick look at the influencer and how she lives.

Kiki Passo

Is Kiki Passo On TikTok? Tennis Player Tommy Paul Girlfriend

Yes, Kiki Passo, a well-known internet personality and model, can be found on TikTok as a user with the same name. She has more than 58k followers, and her account has 105.2 likes.

Kiki is also known for being the girlfriend of tennis player Tommy Paul. Their relationship was once one of the most talked-about things on the internet. She started posting her work in 2020 and got a lot of love and positive comments.

She only has 20 videos on TikTok right now, but they have gotten her thousands of followers. She also has more than a million followers and has posted more than 350 times on Instagram.

She started out as a model on social media, which is how she got noticed by big brands like Blux, Ignite, Acacia, and Lash. After the news spread that she was seeing Tommy, she became more well-known.

Even their first anniversary party was shared with their followers. Still, there were rumors that the couple was breaking up because they both took out pictures of each other.

What Is Kiki Passo Age?

Kiki Passo was born in Brazil and is 26 years old right now. Based on the date she was born, her sun sign is Taurus.

She is known by her stage name, Kiki, even though her real name is Christina Almeida. She was also born and raised in Miami, Florida, where she began her career.

If you look at her social media, you’ll see that she posted about her graduation in 2016, and many people congratulated her. At the moment, Passo seems to be working with several brands as a model and an influencer.

Check Out Kiki Passo Net Worth

About $500,000 is what Kiki Passo is thought to be worth. She has worked with a number of fashion companies and brands as a model and influencer.

She made most of her money from social media, and she has her own website where she shares content that is only available there.

She also makes money from the platform. She has over a million followers on Instagram and thousands of viewers on TikTok.

Is Kiki Passo Married? Meet Her Partner

No, Kiki Passo is not married, and it doesn’t look like she is dating anyone else after Tommy Paul.

She seems to be enjoying being single and focusing on her modeling career at the moment. But she was with Tate Martell before she was with Paul. They broke up after a while.

Even though it wasn’t clear when they broke up, they made a lot of news about it on the internet.