Ivy Reneau On Snapchat & Facebook: Oklahoma Middle School Teacher Arrested- Why?
Posted by  badge Boss on Jun 02

Ivy Reneau has become well-known for sending obscene photographs and videos to her minor student over Snapchat in order to facilitate her sexual escapades.

Ivy Reneau, a former middle school teacher, tried to build a relationship with his minor student by sending him obscene images and videos through social media. She added her pupil to Snapchat and attempted to persuade him by sending him n**ed.n**ed photographs and videos.

Reneau has become a hot topic on the internet as a result of her inappropriate sexual intentions against a minor adolescent. Furthermore, many people have chastised her on social media for her present unacceptable behavior with her student.

Officials from the Mid-Del School District have confirmed that she no longer works at the school district at this time, and they have also stated that they will assist the police department in their investigation. Furthermore, officials from Mid-Del Schools indicated that they had cooperated with the student’s family and authorities to investigate the situation.

Ivy Reneau

On Snapchat And Facebook, Ivy Reneau: Why was an Oklahoma teacher arrested?

Ivy Reneau was a former assistant soccer coach at Midwest City Middle School, where she also taught. As an assistant soccer coach, she met her student at soccer practice. She also joined a group of teenagers on Snapchat and started a conversation on social media.

She influenced teenagers for dates because she had intended to hang out with them, but it never materialized. Her arrest warrant has been issued by the police department for the accusation of using technology to engage in sexual interest communication with a minor. However, according to reports, she has not been apprehended by the police department as of yet.

Ivy Reneau Age: She Tried To Engage Teen In Sexual Activities

At the time of writing, Ivy Reneau is 28 years old, yet her actual date of birth is still missing from the internet. After hearing that a sixteen-year-old student liked her and wanted to date her, she fantasized about hanging out with her.

Reneau admits to sending nude images and films to her pupil, which is against Oklahoma County law. Furthermore, an adult in a position of responsibility is prohibited from using any medium to persuade teenagers to engage in any sexual behavior.

According to a document filed in Oklahoma County District Court, she emailed her pupil obscene photographs and films, which the adolescent shared with his few teammates. She, on the other hand, has ruled out any physical interaction with the adolescent at this time.

Fans are wondering if Ivy Reneau has a husband

Ivy has gained notoriety in the public eye as a result of her recent irresponsible behavior. Meanwhile, many people are curious as to whether she has a husband at this time in her life.

She has not, however, released any personal information to the media as of yet. Due to a lack of reliable sources at this time, determining her marital status has been difficult.