Jamie Dornan reveals ‘very uncomfortable’ encounters in early career
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 07
Jamie Dornan endured some creepy encounters when starting out as a model (Picture: AFP via Getty Images)

Actor has shared some ‘very uncomfortable’ moments he endured when starting out in his career.

The star, 41, thanks to hisseries, The Fall and The Tourist.

While , as a young man by modelling, working with the likes of and Eva Mendes – but doesn’t have good memories of starting out.

Jamie has now revealed he had some ‘uncomfortable’ interactions as a newbie model, with one photographer walking into his changing room as he was undressing.

The photographer pretended it was a mistake, but after leaving the room kept the door half-open and hovered outside.

‘It’s just weird s**t, now that I look back at it,’ Jamie told The Times.

The star was a successful model, working with the likes of Kate Moss (Picture: Getty Images)

‘Voyeuristic, strange, very uncomfortable stuff.’

When he was around 20, an older photographer working with him on a shoot was insistent they should have lunch together, which Jamie declined.

But after getting dressed and preparing to leave, Jamie found the photographer ‘n**ed.n**ed in the kitchen making spaghetti bolognese.’

‘Appalling! Unless that’s just how he cooks? I ran out.’

Despite his initial career as a model, Jamie doesn’t like having his photo taken, and is proud to have made the transition to successful actor.

Being a high-profile celebrity has its downsides however, with Jamie recently reflecting on a ‘f*****g scary’ experience he had with a stalker.

Jamie’s fame has led to him fearing for his family’s safety (Picture: FilmMagic)

The star shares daughters Dulcie, Elva and Alberta with wife Amelia Warner, and a few years ago Jamie feared for his family’s safety when a stalker began harrassing him.

He told The Independent: ‘I’ve been involved in situations where it’s impacted my family. I had a situation… a stalker-type situation before Covid,’ he began.

‘That was f***ing scary. Someone turned up at my house when my kids were there.’

He added: ‘The more I can block that out, the better it is for me and the family.’

Since becoming a household name thanks to the steamy Fifty Shades series, Jamie has gone on to win multiple awards, and was nominated for a Bafta for his work in The Fall, and a Golden Globe for 2022 film Belfast.