Jamie Laing forced to delete X-rated video with girlfriend after making horrendous discovery
Posted by  badge Boss on Feb 29
Jamie Laing has revealed details of an X-rated video that left him embarrassed (Picture: Channel 4)

has revealed how a shocking discovery led him to delete a sexy video.

The Made in star, 35, may , however he’s of a past dalliance.

Jamie will appear on the first episode of ’s new Sky Max series Smart TV tonight, joining Russell Tovey, Stacey Dooley and John Richardson as guests.

The new game show tests participants on their TV knowledge, with comedian Josh Widdicombe and ’s Alison Hammond going head-to-head with a team of famous faces.

However, after a conversation about a specific show, the TV star spills all.

It all kicks off when Rusell, 42, reflects on his in the ITV drama Being Human.

He spills all during an appearance on the quiz show Rob Beckett’s Smart TV (Picture: Tom Dymond)

‘It would always be the middle of winter, like early in the morning and freezing cold, and there was me running around n**ed.n**ed,’ he explains.

‘Sometimes I’d done it and there was me running around and people would be out walking their dogs and there’s me with my bits out.’

Out of nowhere Jamie then declares: ‘Speaking of werewolves, have you ever recorded yourself getting a bit frisky?’

With his attempt at a segue seemingly coming out of nowhere, the panel looks pretty surprised, however Jamie decides to continue.

‘Because when I was younger, my ex-girlfriend and I tried,’ he began.

‘I thought it would be funny to try it, but we had to delete it quickly because I sounded like a werewolf,’ before recreating the howling.

He appeared on the reality series for a decade (Picture: Channel 4)

‘At one point I started barking, it was like Scooby-Doo.’

Leaving the panel in shock while the audience explodes into fits of laughter, Rob then asks Jamie if he’d been pleasuring himself.

‘No! We were having sex and we recorded it,’ he clarifies.

Jumping in, possibly to avoid having to hear any more details, Alison advises everyone: ‘What I’d say is, don’t record yourself, don’t take pictures, don’t do FaceTime, don’t do any of that.

To which Rob quips: ‘And if you do it, don’t admit to it on a TV quiz’.

Despite appearing on Made in Chelsea for over a decade, Jamie recently told Metro.co.uk with Sophie, 30, who herself appeared on the reality series for five years.

He is now married to former co-star Sophie Habboo (Picture: Karwai Tang/WireImage)

Since they left the series in 2021, they’ve not been keeping up with the drama, with Sophie revealing she never even watched when involved.

‘I’ve not seen Made in Chelsea for eight years,’ she said.

‘I’ve never watched it. I watched one episode that I was on. I was horrified at the way I sounded and the facial expressions. I was like, “never again”.’

She added that reality TV was then ‘never the same when you’ve done it’.

Made in Chelsea is streaming on Channel 4. Rob Beckett’s Smart TV stars tonight at 9pm on Sky Max.