Jeremy Clarkson tells fans to ‘shop in a supermarket’ if they moan about his farm
Posted by  badge Boss on Aug 19, 2023 - 06:58AM
Jeremy Clarkson didn’t hold back after he was critcised by a fan (Picture: Getty)

made his position crystal clear after a fan complained a product he sold in his Diddly Squat farm shop was too expensive.

The former Top Gear presenter, 63, argued the price reflected how much the chilli chutney cost to produce and told them to shop in a supermarket instead.

‘That’s what it costs to make it. If you want to ruin farmers, buy it for less in the supermarket,’ the Clarkson’s Farm star clapped back.

Jeremy, who recently posted his tweet, had received the criticism after posting a picture of a serene harbour with several yachts on Instagram as he enjoyed a summer holiday abroad.

A user had written: ‘Are all 4 yours @jeremyclarkson1? I’ve seen the prices for chilli chutney in the farm shop.’

It comes after the Grand Tour presenter revealed two men had from his store.

The fan had complained about the prices in Jeremy’s store (Picture:SWNS)
Jeremy told the fan to shop in a supermarket if they didn’t like the pricing (Picture: Instagram)

Jeremy shared a CCTV clip of a man, who was helped by an accomplice, with his face obscured by a cap nabbing £41 gin in a tin.

‘This man came “shopping” at the farm shop. I would like to meet the cu,’ he captioned the post.

It was late reported that Jeremy was, understandably, after the crime had been committed.

A thief was caught red-handed stealing the booze from Jeremy’s shop (Picture: Jeremy Clarkson/ Instagram)
Jeremy’s farm shop has been open since 2020(Picture: SWNS)

‘Jeremy was fuming when he found out what had happened. That’s why he put the video out on social media. The culprit, or more likely, culprits, deserve to be caught,’ they said.

‘I can’t repeat exactly what Jeremy said when he found out, but it would be fair to say he was not very happy,’ a worker said.

The shop, which was opened in 2020, is a ‘small barn full of good, no-nonsense things you’ll like’ as explained by the TV star.

Items range from jams and chutneys to aprons and tea towels, as well as gin, candles and clothing.

Clarkson turned to farming in 2019 after previously purchasing a farm in the Cotswolds with his efforts documented in Amazon Prime series Clarkson’s Farm.