Joe Wicks gets huge reaction as he announces major change for his staff’s working conditions
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 07, 2023 - 09:31PM
Joe Wicks might just win boss of the year (Picture: Getty Images)

has made his employees a very happy bunch after announcing that they will adopt the four-day work week model permanently. 

The fitness trainer, 38, has built a lucrative business under The Body Coach brand, which includes of healthy recipes and workout plans. He’s said to be worth around £14million and received an MBE for services to fitness and . 

His team are clearly hard workers and Joe has now – forever – after a successful trial period. 

Announcing the major move on Instagram, he wrote on Thursday: ‘6 months ago, the entire team at The Body Coach worked their final Friday as we kicked off a trial of a 4-day work week. 

‘One of our core values at the Body Coach is “Balance” and this was the next step for us in trying to create the happiest, healthiest workplace we possibly can.’ 

He added: ‘So happy that today we announced to the team that the 4-day work week is here to stay.’ 

Joe’s news was largely met with a positive response as his social media followers praised the move. 

Instagram user @kirstylouiset wrote: ‘I think it’s very positive if people can afford to do a 4 day week, if they can then perfect! Go for it! I would too if I could xx.’ 

Sharing his experience of the four-day work week, @michael_anthony_barron said: ‘I used to have a four day week in my old job it was the happiest and healthiest time in my life. I hope more companies and employers make it a permanent thing.’ 

@sarahspacey empathised with workers who wouldn’t be able to benefit from the model, weighing in: ‘I always feel sorry for retail staff expecting to work seven days a week. They should at least go back to shutting stores on a Sunday like it used to be. With more online shopping being done you would think this would be an option.’ 

The four-day work week has been a hot talking point since last year. The trial, which included more than 3,300 workers, was the biggest ever of its kind to date anywhere in the world.

The trainer’s team work hard on building and maintaining his fitness brand (Picture: Rex Features)
Joe is one of the UK’s most high-profile fitness trainers (Picture: SWNS)

The pilot saw no loss in pay for employees working one fewer day a week. Instead they were asked to maintain 100% productivity for 80% of their time. 

Following the trial, 56 of these businesses (92% of participants) – and 18 even made it permanent. 

as he welcomed a little girl into the world. 

Baby Maddy’s mum decided to take part in one of Joe’s fitness regimes in a bid to lower her BMI so that she’d be eligible for IVF.

Despite sadly suffering a miscarriage, Maddy’s mum shared her delight over her little rainbow baby and fans were tearful by her social media post which he reshared, to say the least.