John Mulaney and ex-wife Anna Marie Tendler announce heartbreaking death of their dog Petunia: ‘Thank you for being my little shadow’
Posted by  badge Boss on Apr 29, 2023 - 04:46AM
John Mulaney is mourning the loss of his pet pooch Petunia (Picture: Instagram/Getty)

John Mulaney has revealed his beloved French bulldog Petunia has died.

The stand-up comedian, 40, paid tribute to his late beloved pooch in a post shared on Instagram.

Uploading a selfie of himself and Petunia together, he captioned the photo: ‘Petunia, I loved you from the first moment I saw you. Rest in peace.

‘Thank you for being my little shadow.’

John’s fans were heartbroken by the update and offered their condolences in the comments, with one simply writing: ‘My day is ruined.’

Another said: ‘His breaks my whole heart!!! one time in Columbus I started a whole applause when you mentioned her. She was my favourite. ❤️’

‘I’m so sorry John, I’m sure she’s enjoying a nice turkey dinner with Jesus across the rainbow bridge right now,’ a third penned.

John had shared Petunia with his ex-wife Anna Marie Tendler, 37, and at one point, she had her very own Instagram account.

Anna Marie also paid tribute to her ‘best friend’ Petunia on social media, writing: ‘She also Rest in peace my sweet Petunia.

The death of John’s French bulldog comes days after his latest stand-up special landed on Netflix (Picture: Getty)

‘You were my best friend and the great love of my life. You were the funniest. You were the smartest.

‘You were the weirdest. Everything about you was the best thing. To think I will never again hold you, hear you, or see your big, beautiful brown eyes gazing back at me seems unfathomable.’

She added: ‘Thank you for letting me be your constant companion, and for being mine. I love you with every part me. Until we meet again in our next life ❤️’

In 2020, a New York Times profile on John followed him on a Sunday morning and revealed that his weekend routine would tend to begin with him taking Petunia for a walk before getting coffee.

‘I’ll pick her up and take her into Starbucks, pretending I don’t know you can’t do that,’  the publication.

‘It works if I come in looking distressed, as if I understand nothing about society.’

Just earlier this week, John’s stand-up special, John Mulaney: Baby J, launched on Netflix.