John Mulaney comforts girlfriend Olivia Munn as she reveals heartbreaking cancer diagnosis
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Actress Olivia Munn has breast cancer (Picture: Instagram/oliviamunn)

Olivia Munn has been supported by partner John Mulaney after she revealed that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, aged 43.

shared the news on Instagram, posting photos of herself in hospital with a lengthy statement, in which she said that it could easily have been missed.

‘I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I hope by sharing this it will help others find comfort, inspiration and support on their own journey,’ she wrote in the caption.

John – who shares son Malcolm with his girlfriend – was quick to publicly share his support, and told Olivia: ‘Thank you for fighting so hard to be here for us.

‘Malc and I adore you. ❤️.’

The presenter and X-Men: Apocalypse star explained she had been diagnosed last spring after undergoing testing for 90 different cancer genes, all of which came back negative.

Olivia, who was seen on Sunday night at the 96th Academy Awards and the , 41, said she had undergone four procedures and kept her diagnosis private for 10 months.

Her beau was , giving out the prize for best sound with a very well-received bit on his love for Kevin Costner’s 1989 film Field of Dreams.

‘In February of 2023, in an effort to be proactive about my health, I took a genetic test that checks you for 90 different cancer genes. I tested negative for all, including BRCA (the most well-known breast cancer gene),’ she began.

‘My sister Sara has just tested negative as well. We called each other an high-fived over the phone. That same winter I also had a normal mammogram.

She confirmed that she had undergone a double mastectomy and kept her diagnosis private for 10 months (Picture: Getty)
The star attended the Oscars with partner John Mulaney, who was presenting, on Sunday (Picture: Getty)

‘Two months later I was diagnosed with breast cancer.’

The star explained that alongside her four surgeries, she had had ‘so many days spent in bed I can’t even count and have learned more about cancer, cancer treatment and hormones than I ever could have imagined’.

‘Surprisingly, I’ve only cried twice,’ she shared. ‘I guess I haven’t felt like there was time to cry. My focus narrowed and I tabled any emotions that I felt would interfere with my ability to stay clearheaded.’

Poignantly, the star appeared to share one of those occasions on her social media, as she was comforted and prepared by her doctor ahead of surgery, who seemingly referenced John behind the camera as she told a tearful and anxious Olivia: ‘Do it for him, . This stuff [gesturing to chest] doesn’t matter. I swear to God, I have a patient who was like, “I would give a limb to be alive”.’

Olivia shared behind-the-scenes photos from the last year of treatment for her cancer (Picture: Instagram/oliviamunn)
She said that she needed ‘to get through some of the hardest parts’ before sharing her diagnosis publicly (Picture: Instagram/oliviamunn)

The star, who , also shared pictures from her scans and of her breasts being marked up ahead of her double mastectomy.

Discussing how and why she had kept her health news private until now, Olivia continued: ‘I’ve tended to let people see me when I have energy, when I can get dressed and get out of the house, when I can take my baby boy to the park.

‘I’ve kept the diagnosis and the worry and the recovery and the pain medicine and the paper gowns private. I needed to get catch my breath and get through some of the hardest parts before sharing.’

The Newsroom actress then praised her doctor for deciding to ‘calculate my Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Score’, otherwise she wouldn’t have found her cancer for another year, at her next scheduled mammogram.

‘The fact that she did saved my life,’ Olivia revealed.

Olivia, who welcomed son Malcom with John in November 2021, credited her doctor with calculating she was at risk of breast cancer (Picture: Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock)
‘I went from feeling completely fine one day, to waking up in a hospital bed after a 10-hour surgery the next,’ the actress shared (Picture: Instagram/oliviamunn)

‘Dr [Thaïs] Aliabadi looked at factors like my age, familial breast cancer history and and the fact that I had my first child after the age of 30. She discovered my lifetime risk was at 37%.’

The star was then sent for an MRI, which led to an ultrasound and then a biopsy, which revealed she had Luminal B cancer in both breasts.

‘Luminal B is an aggressive, fast-moving cancer. 30 days after that biopsy I had a double mastectomy. I went from feeling completely fine one day, to waking up in a hospital bed after a 10-hour surgery the next.’

Photos included her getting marked up for her double mastectomy (Picture: Instagram/oliviamunn)

Despite the shock of her diagnosis, Olivia emphasised that she was ‘lucky’ because her breast cancer was caught at the stage where she still ‘had options’.

‘I want the same for any woman who might have to face this one day,’ the mum-of-one wrote, as she urged women reading her post to get the same calculations done by a doctor.

‘Dr Aliabadi says that if the number is greater than 20%, you need annual mammograms and breast MRIs starting at age 30.’

Olivia went on to thank her family and friends for their support and ‘loving me through this’.

‘I’m so thankful to John for the nights he spent researching what every operation and medication meant and what side effects and recovery I could expect. For being there before I went into each surgery and being there when I woke up, always placing framed photos of our little boy Malcolm so it would be he first thing I saw when I opened my eyes.’

One of those photos was sweetly in her Instagram carousel, with the photo resting on her hospital bed table next to a syringe, tissues and some ointments.

The former Daily Show correspondent also shared her gratitude for the support of friends who had gone through breast cancer and connected her with other people who had ‘for guiding me through some of my most uncertain and overwhelming moments’.

She also made sure to thank her medical team by name before signing off: ‘Thank you thank you thank you thank you…’

Immediately, Olivia was flooded with support in the comment section on Instagram next to her post.

She heaped John with praise for his support and always providing her with a photo of their son to wake up to (Picture: Instagram/oliviamunn)
Olivia said she wanted every woman to have their cancer caught early enough, like hers, to still have options (Picture: Instagram/oliviamunn)

The Office star Mindy Kaling posted: ‘I love you. ❤’

‘Your experience is so powerful to share!’ responded Sex and the City actress Kristin Davis. ‘Sending you so much love and strength , so grateful you found out early and can only imagine the emotional roller coaster you have been on ♥️’

Matt Bomer added: ‘You are so strong Olivia! Grateful you found this early. Sending you love always.’

‘Thank you for sharing this! Wow❤❤❤❤❤🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌’ posted The Bing Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco, while Brooklyn Nine-Nine icon Terry Crews left a string of heart and fireball emoji.

Macmillan cancer support

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You can contact their helpline on 0808 808 00 00 (7 days a week from 8am to 8pm), use their , or for more information.