Jon Hamm is ‘on the list’ for Tom Cruise’s famous cakes and they’re, unsurprisingly, the ‘best’ cakes he’s ever eaten
Posted by  badge Boss on May 29
Jonn Hamm and Tom Cruise are clearly very good pals if he’s on THE list (Picture: Splash News/Getty/Goldbelly)

is ‘on the list’ for ’s cake deliveries and we couldn’t be more jealous.

The Mission: Impossible actor famously sends out over 100 white chocolate coconut bundt cakes from Doan’s Bakery in California every year, and yes they look as amazing as they sound.

Although he only worked with the former Mad Men star fairly recently on : Maverick, he’s been sending him the sweet treat for a long time.

And Jon admitted the cake is ‘the best’ he’s ever eaten, which comes as no surprise.

Asked if he is on the ‘Cruise cake list, Jon laughed and said: ‘Yes, I am. It’s a very anticipated cake, that’s for sure.

‘I don’t know when that particular piece of information got out, but I had been on it even before I worked on this film.’

Jon has actually been on his Top Gun co-star’s famous cake list for a while (Picture: EPA)

He continued: ‘I don’t know how, but I remember getting it at one point and thinking, “This might be the best cake I’ve ever had in my life.” And it still delivers, even over the pandemic.’

Jon likes to ‘savour’ the cake over a long period of time, rather than dive straight in, which we relate to – if Tom Cruise sent us a cake, we’d be inclined to frame it.

He told The Hollywood Reporter: ‘It does keep, I’ll say that. It keeps for a while, and like a lot of cakes, it’s good a little stale, too. So we savour it. We do not descend upon it.’

Kirsten Dunst – who starred with Tom in 1994’s Interview with the Vampire – previously admitted her whole household gets excited when the actor’s gift arrives, and who wouldn’t?

We need a Cruise cake and we need one now (Picture: Goldbelly)

She said: ‘[Tom] sends me a cake every Christmas.

‘I call it the Cruise cake. It’s so good – a coconut cake with white chocolate chips. It gets eaten within a day in my house.

‘When the Cruise Cake gets delivered, it’s like, “Cruise Cake’s here!” My friends know what that means.’

But Angela Bassett confessed she keeps the treat for herself, saying: ‘Only I eat it’, and we can’t say we blame her.

Other stars to have admitted to receiving the cakes include James Corden, Rosie O’Donnell, Jimmy Fallon, Henry Cavill and Barbara Walters.

Don’t mind us, just patiently waiting for Tom to add us to his cake list (Picture: Samir Hussein/WireImage)

However, Tom doesn’t eat them himself but likes to know how much people have enjoyed them.

He previously said: ‘I wait for the calls. Like, “Tell me about it”.’

The new Top Gun film comes three decades after the original  movie aired in 1986, with the highly anticipated sequel seeing Maverick return to the danger zone and teach the latest Top Gun recruits how to fly.

Alongside Tom and Jon, Val Kilmer stars after reprising his role as Iceman, despite his cancer.

Daughter Mercedes has spoken out about , telling: ‘It was trippy, and very special for my dad to be on set with all of his friends who made this movie when they were my age.’

Top Gun: Maverick is in cinemas now.