Julie Hesmondhalgh Daughters: Martha Mo Kershaw Age – Her Husband Martha Mo Kershaw
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Julie Hesmondhalgh is a well-known actress and narrator in the United Kingdom. She is best known for her fifteen-year run as Hayley Cropper in the British soap opera Coronation Street. In the history of British television, Julie was the very first transsexual character to ever be shown on the small screen. She took on the job in 1998 and continued to play it until January of 2014, during which time she effectively won the hearts of British television fans.

In January 2014, on the evening of Hayley’s last appearance in Coronation Street, Julie won the National Television Award for Best Serial Drama Performance. This award was presented at the ceremony. In addition to this, she was awarded the title of Best Actress at the British Soap Awards for her performance as Hayley Cropper.

Julie Hesmondhalgh is a British actress and narrator

Quick Facts About Julie Hesmondhalgh

Name Julie Hesmondhalgh
Birthday February 25, 1970
Birthplace Accrington, United Kingdom
Age 52
Profession Actress
Source of Income Acting
Religion Christianity
Hair Color Blonde
Nationality British
Height 5 ft. and 3 inches
Father John Hesmondhalgh
Husband Ian Kershaw
Daughters Martha Mo Kershaw & Lyss Kershaw
Education Accrington & Rossendale College
Acting Training London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art
Known For Playing Hayley Cropper in Coronation Street (1998 – 2014)

Julie Hesmondhalgh Has Two Daughters: Martha Mo Kershaw and Lyss Kershaw

The couple Julie Claire Hesmondhalgh and Ian Kershaw have been blessed with two daughters: Martha Mo Kershaw and Lyss Kershaw. Her eldest daughter is 21 years old, and her younger daughter is 18 years old.

In the 1970s, Julie’s parents, John and Maureen, brought her into the world in Accrington, Lancashire, and raised her there. She had a strong social consciousness and went to Moorhead High School where she was a student. She frequently daydreamed about working for a cause she believed in. She studied Theatre Studies at Rossendale College prior to enrolling in a program in London, which finally led to her landing her first role in a television show called “The Bill.”

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Julie And Ian Have Two Daughters

The actress Julie Hesmondhalgh is the mother of Martha Mo Kershaw, who is the eldest of her three daughters. On October 1, 2001, Martha was brought into the world by her parents, Ian and Julie. She is currently 21 years old. At the end of the year 2000, Julie decided to take a yearlong maternity leave from the British television serial series Coronation Street. It was during this time that she was carrying her first child, a daughter named Martha Mo Kershaw.

Glossop, Derbyshire was where she and her younger sister, Lyss Kershaw, spent their childhood. Because they live rather unremarkable lives, Julie’s daughters have been able to avoid the public eye and remain anonymous. In 2004, three years after the birth of their first child, Julie and Ian welcomed their youngest daughter into the world. Her full name is Lyss Kershaw, and she has reached the age of 18 at this point.

Meet Julie’s Eldest Daughter Martha Kershaw is 21 years old

According to her profile on Facebook, Martha Kershaw, who is the daughter of Julie Hesmondhalgh, is not dating anyone at the present time. Martha Kershaw presently resides in Manchester, which is located in the United Kingdom. Her relationship status is that she does not have a partner. The person who is 21 years old appears to be outgoing.

She cherishes the time she gets to spend with either of her grandmothers. Joan Kershaw is her grandmother on her father’s side, and Maureen Hesmondhalgh is her grandmother on her mother’s side.

As can be observed in one of Martha’s Facebook posts, she has aspirations of becoming a writer. She has stated that she has written 22 poems and an article titled “Bell Hooks” and “All About Love” for an intersectional feminist magazine published by the University of Warwick.

Martha has a strong connection to the feminist organization, and she is an active participant in educating others about the social, political, and economic intricacies of feminism. Martha, like her mother Julie, is active in humanitarian work and is not afraid to fight for a cause in which she strongly believes. In addition, Martha has a very strong relationship with her father, Ian Kershaw, whom she regards as her closest confidante.

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Her Husband Ian Kershaw Is A Screenwriter

Both Julie and Ian make their home in Tameside at the moment. Ian Kershaw, who has won numerous accolades for his writing in the fields of television, theater, and radio, is Julie Hesmondhalgh’s husband.

Ian was born in Oldham, which is located inside Greater Manchester, in 1969. He went to the Welsh College of Speech and Drama for his education. When Ian first started his career, he was more interested in acting than writing, but as time went on, he started writing more and more. In the five episodes of Coronation Street that Ian appeared in as a guest star, he played the characters of Malcolm Bradford, Mick Crompton, and Ian Thompson.

How Did Julie Hesmondhalgh Meet Her Husband?

After meeting for the first time as members of the cast of Coronation Street, the two individuals got along famously almost immediately. When the year was 1998, Julie’s husband, Ian, was an actor on the soap opera. It was there that he met the woman who would become his life partner, and the couple quickly started a family.

After only one week of dating, the Coronation Street icon and the English screenwriter decided to move in together and start a family. After a short period of time, Julie discovered that she was pregnant with her first child. Ever since that time, they have been a couple. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Julie took a trip down memory lane and discussed her whirlwind affair with Ian Kershaw at the time. After only a few dates, the person who Corrie favored most took a risky step and proposed to Kershaw the idea of getting married and having a child before the next Christmas.

The happy pair tied the knot in June of 2003.

She Played High-Profile Role On Coronation Street

During her stint on the ITV soap opera Coronation Street, Hesmondhalgh played prominent roles in several high-profile storylines. Julie did an excellent job of capturing her character through the difficult stories, including having to deal with pancreatic cancer and undergoing an identity transformation. She did an excellent job portraying Hayley in the role that she was given.

According to an interview that Julie gave to the Daily Mail, her role on Coronation Street was only supposed to run for two weeks; she had no idea that the show would continue for 15 years.

Julie Hesmondhalgh Was Born in Accrington

She started taking an interest in performing at the same time that she enrolled in a class at one of London’s most prominent art schools. She began her study in 1988 when she enrolled at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and continued there until 1991 when she graduated.

It’s interesting to note that Benito Martinez, star of Sons of Anarchy, was in the same class as Julie Hesmondhalgh when they were both attending the London art school. After completing her study at the acting school, Julie became an essential member of the independent theater company Arts Threshold, which is situated in London. She took part in a number of theatrical performances during the 90s, during which time she honed her talents at the theater and continued to enhance them.

Her Formative Years In Acting

Julie began her career as an actress with roles such as Rose Turnbull in the television miniseries The Dwelling Place, a nursing home helper in the series Screen One, Jo the Doctor in The Bill for a period of three years beginning in 1994, and Wendy Walker in Dalziel and Pascoe. She also made a guest appearance in Dalziel and Pascoe as Wendy Walker. In addition to this, she began her career in directing while she was working for the English theater director Rufus Norris.

In 1998, Julie made her first appearance on Coronation Street portraying the role of Hayley Cropper Patterson. She gave birth to her first daughter Martha Mo Kershaw in the year 2000, and during that time she was on maternity leave from soap operas for around one year. She took off an additional year of work in 2007 so that she could spend more time with her daughter Martha and her better half Ian.

She Has A Strong Social Conscience

Through her laudable contributions to various humanitarian causes, Julie has made a contribution to the betterment of society. The viewers of the British soap opera Coronation Street had the same strong connection with her character as she did in the show as did she herself. Several charitable organizations count Julie Hesmondhalgh as a supporter.

Julie & Husband Ian Kershaw Won £20k For Maundy Relief

In the same vein, she appeared on the ITV show “The Cube” in 2011 to collect money for the anti-poverty charity Maundy Relief, which is located in Accrington. As a consequence of this, the charity might potentially receive 20,000 euros as a result of her efforts, which would help sustain the livelihood of those who are in need.

The following year, in December of 2014, Julie and her husband Ian Kershaw made a guest appearance on the ITV game show All Mr. & Mrs. The pair earned 20,000 euros while participating in the game show, and they chose to give their prize money to the charitable organization Maundy Relief, which works to alleviate poverty.

Corrie legend Julie Hesmondhalgh with her husband Ian Kershaw at the Virginia British Academy Television Award

Some FAQs

How many daughters does Julie Hesmondhalgh have?

Julie Hesmondhalgh and her husband, Ian Kershaw, are the parents of two daughters.

How many daughters does Julie Hesmondhalgh have?

The daughter of Julie Hesmondhalgh, Martha Mo Kershaw, has now reached the age of 21.

Who is Julie Hesmondhalgh husband?

The British television, radio, and theater scriptwriter Ian Kershaw is married to actress Julie Hesmondhalgh. Kershaw is also a radio producer.

Who played hayley in Coronation Street?

On the British soap opera Coronation Street, the character of Hayley was played by the actress Julie Hesmondhalgh.

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