Kailyn Lowry Domestic Violence Update In 2022 – Was Her Boyfriend Chris Lopez Arrested?
Posted by  badge Boss on May 28

Kailyn Lowry, who has been on Teen Mom for 11 years, announced her departure at the Teen Mom 2 reunion episode on May 24. Here are the most recent developments in her domestic violence case.

Kailyn Lowry is a reality television star who rose to prominence after being cast in Teen Mom 2 after previously appearing on 16 and Pregnant. She is also a published author and a public speaker. In 2010, she made her television debut.

When it comes to her early years, she moved a lot as a child, shifting through four different school districts. After joining Teen Mom 2, Lowry enrolled at Delaware State University to receive a B.A. in Mass Communications and wrote a memoir called Pride Over Pity.

The reality star is now in the news after announcing her resignation from the show. In addition, she is having an affair with her new lover, which has piqued the interest of viewers.

Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry Domestic Violence Update In 2022

Domestic Violence Update by Kailyn Lowry Kailyn Lowry admitted to being a domestic violence victim in 2022. Chris Lopez, the father of her two youngest sons, she claimed, almost Ki**ed her. The issue arose after Lowry stated that she attends counselling twice a week. Dr. Drew Pinsky hosted the reunion, and Nessa Diab wanted to know why Lowry started therapy in the first place.

As a result, Lowry discussed the incident, claiming that Chris nearly Ki**ed her in October 2019 due to domestic abuse. As a result, Lowry sobbed as Dr. Pinsky extended his condolences. Lowry had kept it private for years because she didn’t know how to get her tale into the public.

In a’scary’ domestic violence argument, Kailyn Lowry breaks down in tears and claims her ex Chris Lopez ‘threatened to KILL her.’

She also said she felt like a hypocrite because she married her ex-boyfriend Javi Marroquin in 2012, but Pinsky promptly refuted this claim. Kailyn came to a conclusion about Chris’ actions before it was his turn to appear on the show.

Despite the fact that tonight’s scene was the first time Lowry had publicly discussed the altercation with Lopez, fans were aware of it.

Chris Lopez, Kailyn Lowry’s ex-boyfriend, has been arrested

Chris Lopez, Kailyn Lowry’s ex-boyfriend, was arrested and served seven days in jail after breaking the order, according to a source. In 2019, the teen mom star was granted protection from abuse (PFA) against Lopez.

Lopez must stay away from Lowry’s house and must not threaten or abuse him, according to the PFA. After a domestic confrontation with Lopez, local police responded to Lowry’s home in Middletown, Delaware, on January 13, 2020. Lopez had contacted her around 60 times through a banned phone number, according to Lowry, who pointed responding officers to her call log.

Lowry also permitted detectives to listen in on one of her voicemails, which she claimed was from Lopez.

Name of Kailyn Lowry’s New Boyfriend

Kailyn Lowry’s new boyfriend has made the rounds on the internet. She has not divulged the identify of her boyfriend till now, but some sources claim she is dating her next-door neighbour, Elijah Scott.

Lowry has also been in the spotlight when she announced her departure from the show Teen Mom. After 11 years on the show, she is stepping down.