Katherine Ryan admits ‘lying’ about pregnancy eight months in to avoid losing work: ‘People just thought I was really fat’
Posted by  badge Boss on Jun 26
Katherine Ryan says it’s incredibly difficult for pregnant women in the entertainment industry (Picture: UKTV)

has revealed the lengths she took to ensure she kept her job, including her lying about the fact she was expecting a baby. 

The stand-up comedian has been vocal about the challenges women face in the industry, particularly the alleged constraints on pregnant women. 

Katherine was eight months pregnant when presenting ITV dating series Ready To Mingle however, her colleagues had no idea about the pregnancy as she feared she would be replaced, claiming . 

The 38-year-old is mother to 12-year-old daughter Violet from a previous relationship, and shares 12-month-old son Fred with partner Bobby Kootstra. 

Recalling how she concealed her pregnancy when she was expecting baby Fred, the TV personality said: ‘During my pregnancy I wasn’t telling anyone. You can’t get insured on any production if you are pregnant.

‘Sometimes, if you are important enough, they go the extra mile. You see Holly Willoughby pregnant and that’s because she’s worth it.’ 

The comedian hosted ITV’s Ready To Mingle while she was heavily pregnant (Picture: PA)
Baby Fred is currently 12 months old and blossoming (Picture: @kathbum, Instagram)

Speaking on Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe’s podcast, Parenting Hell, she continued: ‘I tried to keep it secret. People just thought I was really fat for ages. I had to keep it quiet. I still needed to work to feed my family.

‘I had been off for the whole pandemic. I walked on to set for ‘Ready To Mingle’ eight months pregnant.

Katherine, 38, was eight months pregnant when she worked on Ready To Mingle (Picture: Getty Images)
Katherine shares Fred with partner Bobby Koostra (Picture: Getty Images)

‘If you go on the BBC’s insurance site it says it doesn’t insure for any matters of the womb. If your vagina falls off on set, that’s it.

‘You don’t want to let down a production if you have some complication of pregnancy. Let’s say you are on a sitcom and the whole day gets cancelled — you won’t be insured.’ 

Katherine added: ‘If you had an eye infection and they couldn’t film you, that day would be insured and everyone would get paid and go home.

‘It is so weird, so I just lied.’ 

The Backstage With Katherine Ryan star recently told Lorraine Kelly how she went back to work just days after welcoming Fred last year.