Katherine Ryan’s dress is genuinely ‘scaring’ people with unusual phobia
Posted by  badge Boss on Feb 23
It’s going to be a frightening Saturday night for some ITV viewers (Picture: Rex/ITV)

has given her fans a serious fright after teasing the outfit she’ll be wearing on Saturday’s edition of the Johnathan Ross Show.

The , took to Instagram to give her unsuspecting followers a bit of a scare ahead of her scheduled appearance.

Posting a picture of the pre-recorded episode, Katherine shared a clip of the moment she and actor Ray Winstone got up to dance on the show, with the TV hardman wearing sunglasses.

But it was – not because of an outrageous colour choice but because it was filled with holes from top to bottom.

And, as the mum-of-three herself acknowledged, seeing lots of little holes in quick succession can trigger an unusual fear in more people than you’d think.

She posted: ‘This dress scares people who are afraid of many holes, so there’s that. But I’m wearing it on the Johnathan Ross Show on Saturday night.’

Are you freaked out? (Picture: Rex/ITV)

Trypophobia is the name given to the feelings and sensations of revulsion some people feel whenever they look at patterns or clusters of small holes.

While not medically recognised as a mental condition or categorised as an official phobia, it can be categorised as such if a person becomes significantly distressed as a result of their feelings.

In the comments, people certainly let Katherine know that her dress made them feel the same way as, for example, holes found in the seed heads of lotus flowers.

Ray seemed fine with it! (Picture: Rex/ITV)
Trypophobia is thought to have an evolutionary cause (Picture: Getty)

Steve J Davis wrote: ‘Yep, trypophobia. I have it. Have to look but hate looking.’

When one person posted an emoji depicting someone raising their hand at school, identifying themselves as someone with trypophobia, Katherine responded urgently and said she was sorry.

Replying specifically to Katherine’s comment about her dress, user Rachel Hughes screamed: ‘Omg noooooo, I have trypophobia, love you but NOPE…just NOOOOO!!!’

However, AgentxPhoenix wrote: Nah, I have trypophobia and your dress doesn’t bother me. The holes need to be closer together! The holes for trypophobia aren’t scary, they make me shudder in disgust.’

Do you see the resemblance between this picture and Katherine’s dress? (Picture: Getty)

Over the years, scientists have attempted to understand the biology behind the condition, with some suggesting that it’s all to do with evolution.

Thousands, if not millions of years ago, humans may have learned to associate such patterns of holes with danger or disease, and have grown averse to such patterns through history.

As for Glitter Room stand-up star Katherine, she’s with her husband and that the pair sleep in separate beds.

Husband Bobby Kootstra admitted on his wife’s documentary Parental Guidance that he wants her back in bed, with the pair currently co-sleeping with their two youngest children.

Joining Katherine on Johnathan Ross’ couch this Saturday are Noel Fielding, Ray Winstone, and Eddie Kadi, with comeback indie rockers The Vaccines playing live music in the studio.

Watch the Johnathan Ross Show on ITV at 9.35pm on Saturday.