Katie Price ‘gives away her puppy as it doesn’t look cute on Instagram’
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 30
Katie Price has reportedly given away her pet puppy to her electrician (Picture: Getty)

has reportedly given away one of her pets as it’s grown too old and ‘no longer looks cute on Instagram’.

The On***ans model and influencer has been the centre of controversy in the past when it comes to her animals, with thousands signing a petition pleading for her to be banned from owning animals.

Several pets have died in Katie’s care in recent years, including numerous : her Shepherd, Blade, died last year after being hit by a car, months after her other dog Sharon met the same fate.

Katie had called Blade her protector dog, and claimed he was ‘Ki**ed on purpose’ in a deliberate attack on her.

Shortly afterwards, she got German Shepherd puppy Tank, and was criticised for appearing to hit the puppy on a TikTok Live as he growled and refused to settle.

A source has now claimed that Katie has given Tank away to her electrician just months after getting him.

The On***ans model got the puppy last year after her German Shepherd was Ki**ed on the road (Picture:@KatiePrice/Tiktok/Rex)

They told The Sun that the model ‘loves getting puppies that look cute on Instagram but when they start to grow up and she has to train them she loses interest.’

Reps for Katie declined to comment when approached by Metro.co.uk.

The mum of five added Tank to the family after losing ‘protector’ dog Blade to the A24 outside her house (Picture: Katie Price/Instagram)

Katie has come under serious scrutiny in the past when it comes to her pets, with seven animals believed to have died under her care in recent years.

In 2020, a petition to ban the model from owning pets emerged after her French Bulldog puppy, Rolo, suffocated to death after becoming trapped in an electric armchair.

Dogs Blade, Sharon, Sparkle and Queenie all died on the A24 outside her home after being hit by cars.

A horse she owned also died in a traffic accident, and she claimed Junior’s pet chameleon died of a broken heart after he went to a residential college.