Kay Burley interview with ‘out of touch’ Tory MP branded ‘absolute car crash’
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 17

A interview has been as immigration minister Michael Tomlinson failed to answer questions on TV boxsets and his favourite football team.

You know, the real issues.

The Tory politician was being like the bill, but the conversation took a turn when Burley threw in some rather random topics.

Two over the ’s bill in recent days, and Tomlinson insisted in the interview that the bill would ‘proceed’.

But Burley, 63, took a minute to ask Tomlinson about his favourite football team and what TV he’s currently watching.

‘What boxsets do you watch?’ she asked, after Tomlinson said he hadn’t been following the ITV drama on , .

‘I watch very little is the honest and straightforward answer, if you ask my family, they’ll say I’m a little bit focused on what I’m doing and probably don’t have enough time to watch boxsets,’ Tomlinson fumbled.

‘But I do enjoy watching sport and if you want to ask me about cricket or sport please do,’ he added.

The interview turned to the real issues, like TV and football teams (Picture: Sky News/X)
The MP was blasted for being ‘out of touch’ (Picture: Sky News)

But he took that back pretty quickly, after Burley asked him about his favourite football team, to which he replied: ‘I don’t really have a football team, I’m a cricket fan, I love sport and I enjoy watching sport but it would be wrong to tell you that I have a football team.’

After finally suggesting Wimborne Town could be his favourite team, Tomlinson was then forced to admit he had no idea what their last score was.

‘Lots of goals were scored, and it was a 1-all draw,’ he finished off with, recalling the last football match he actually went to.

After X page @BestForBritain shared the clip and branded it an ‘absolute CAR CRASH interview’, plenty of others shared their shock at the painful 50 second clip.

‘Good grief. This isn’t a spoof, is it? Dialling @RosieisaHolt,’ LBC presenter Matthew Stadlen wrote, tagging comedian Rosie Holt, who regularly shares spoof videos pretending to be Tory MPs in TV interviews.

X user @vegerack wrote: ‘The usual high quality political discourse we’re accustomed to in the UK.’

‘I was literally crying, laughing.. Ex ERG minister showing the nation how OUT OF TOUCH they are with the electorate,’ @Justine_F1 wrote.

X user Alan White added: ‘This might be the most painful fifty second video I’ve seen since that one of the guy sliding between the escalators in the underground.’

‘Straight out of the Boris Johnson waffle book,’ @mikewizz1960 commented.

‘Gold dust telly,’ @timboweebler added.