Keanu Reeves deepfake convinces fans he’s joined Twitch
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 17
Keanu? Is that you? (pic: Twitch)

streamer NymN surprised his viewers when he showed up on camera looking like an exact copy of Keanu Reeves. 

There are a few celebrities that have hopped on Twitch, like Snoop Dogg, but most prefer to save their on-camera appearances for interviews or the red carpet. 

However, with the help of artificial intelligence, Twitch streamer NymN took it upon himself to impersonate a couple of Hollywood stars to entertain his viewers. 

He managed to do so by using deepfake technology, after one of his viewers sent him some files containing everything he needed to install the deepfake program. 

After a while NymN managed to set everything up and he took a short pause, before popping back on camera looking quite different.

Although he still sounded like his old self, he suddenly had the face of John Wick star Keanu Reeves. 

‘It’s me Keanu, welcome to Night City,’ NymN said. 

That was a reference to Keanu Reeve’s appearance in , although it seems he got the quote a bit mixed up… 

Keanu plays another John in the game, Johnny Silverhand, who, already being dead, follows you around as a virtual character in cyberspace.

NymN couldn’t believe how realistic the filter looked on his face, despite missing Keanu’s signature long hair and sunglasses. 

A NymN/Mr Bean hybrid (pic: Twitch)

He then decided to try out another model and see which one looks the most realistic. The streamer picked Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker as his next choice, but it didn’t look as good.

The next deepfake he used was comedy icon Mr Bean, aka Rowan Atkinson, and he even tried to mimic his voice – to limited effect.

NymN’s girlfriend Yabbe, who’s also a Twitch streamer, later joined him and decided to try some not-so-flattering models, such as the Mr Bean and Nicholas Cage ones. 

Isn’t she stunning? (pic: Twitch)

Mother of dragons Emilia Clarke, Emma Watson, Jim Carrey, and Elon Musk were also among the masks the couple tried on, each more convincing than the other. 

Although the streamer couple used deepfakes as a fun game, it’s all pretty disturbing considering how realistic it looked with only minimal effort.

Away from the comedic videos and celebrity morphing, deepfakes have also been used to  like Billie Eilish into porn videos. 

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