Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell share emotional reunion for Good Burger 2
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 17, 2023 - 12:12AM

Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell staged a surprise reunion at Comic Con 2023 and it was everything we needed and more.

The comedy icons are gearing up for the release of Good Burger 2 on November 22, more than hit our screens.

The sequel will unite Dexter (Kenan) with Ed (Kel) and his special sauce as they hit up their old stomping ground, 26 years after they managed to defeat their rivals at Mondo Burger.

On Sunday, the pair popped up at the Javits Center to promote the film, .

‘This is emotional for me, it’s a beautiful moment,’ Kel said of his highlights from the set. ‘This is my brother, we started when we were 14 years old. Behind the scenes, just the moments working with Kenan again, us laughing every day, it was super awesome.

‘If there’s anything you are believing in, go for it. Don’t let anyone stop you. It’s a journey, always have that faith.

Kenan and Kel had the reunion of dreams at New York Comic Con (Picture: Getty)
The pair delighted the audience during their panel (Picture: Getty)

‘Good Burger is all about family. We’ve known each other for years and you see that in the movie. You see the friendship between Dexter and Ed, and the different dynamics of us being adults.

‘What Good Burger does have is a lot of heart – and I think that’s missing in a few films coming out, but it’s going to have the same heart as the first one.’

Kenan shared that ‘laughing with my brother’ was his favorite moment on the production, hailing his long-time comedy partner.

‘This dude makes me laugh harder,’ he continued. ‘He was an energizer. He doesn’t stop 24/7, he never gets tired. He’s just always in a positive, uplifting mood. 1. That’s a blessing to be around. 2. It’s uplifting and it carries everybody through the workload.

The original film hit our screens more than two decades ago (Picture: Rex)

‘When you work with someone like Kel, who is just positive and trying to big everybody up, and is hilarious on top of that, it’s so much fun. I just enjoyed laughing all day.’

While they remained coy about the plot of the Nickelodeon sequel, they confirmed that there would be some fun moments for fans of the original, including the return of the flying burgers and that infamous Good Burger mobile.

‘We tried to continue things but it’s been so long since we did the first one, we couldn’t just pick it up from the week after Mondo Burger failed,’ Kenan said.

‘We had to embrace the fact that time has gone on, my voice sounds different… It was a little high pitched in the first one. The natural progression of life – Ed has a family, he’s got kids.

‘I enjoyed seeing the uniforms again, that was very nostalgic, putting the uniform back on, just being in the blue stripes, putting the hat on… Good times.’

Discussing whether the film could serve as the second part of a trilogy – or the patty of the cinematic burger, if you will – the SNL icon added: ‘I don’t see why not… These are the days of the Fast and Furious 35…’

Bring it on!

Good Burger premieres on November 22 on Paramount+.