Kenan Thompson explains ‘ridiculous’ feud with Kel Mitchell before epic Good Burger 2 reunion
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 06, 2023 - 07:46AM

Kenan Thompson has unpacked his feud with Kel Mitchell, admitting that things became ‘ridiculous’.

The pair, both 45, became household names, which saw them work together countless times – including Nickelodeon’s All That, their Kenan and Kel series and the iconic Good Burger movie.

However, things went south between the actors and they broke away from each other, going on to forge separate careers in the spotlight.

After , which premiered on Paramount+ last month, the SNL icon opened up about what went wrong, and how they moved past the drama.

‘It was more of a separation that grew into the traditional terms of what a falling out is, which is not a lot of communication,’ he told Hoda Kotb.

‘Originally, it was just us looking for our own individualism – basically, as adults – taking a breather from being a duo.

Kenan Thompson (R) and Kel Mitchell are back and better than ever (Picture: Getty)

‘We both came into the game as individuals, we were placed together because we worked so well together. It was just a journey of being adults.

‘Time passes and more time passes and it just became ridiculous.’

Kenan conceded that neither could remember what exactly caused the trouble, but they got back into their groove immediately during a phone call.

‘When you have a real friendship, five minutes into the phone call, we were back,’ he continued. ‘It was like, “What were we waiting on all this time?” You never really know until you have that talk.

The pair appeared in the original Good Burger film in 1997 (Picture: Getty)

‘It’s also time wasted, which is one of the biggest crimes I think you can do in life, is just waste time.

‘It feels so good to be back with my brother and the movie is doing well. We’re so appreciative, looking forward to the next chapters.’

Kenan and Kel were first unveiled as Ed and Dexter in the iconic Good Burger movie in 1997, with the flick going on to become a cult classic.

After they patched things up, they got back into the burger mobile for another adventure, which was released in November.

They recently reunited for the iconic sequel (Picture: Getty)

Director Phil Traill was , and told how the movie finally saw the light of day, 26 years after their first outing.

Spilling the beans on where the idea for the film came from, he told us: ‘Kenan and Kel became good friends again, and wanted to work together again. Then the script landed in a really great place, so everyone was just excited to get back together.

‘They’ve been looking forward to making this film for 25 years. So when it all finally came together, I was so excited to be there.

‘They slipped back into their roles really easily. Kel has been playing Ed on and off for the last 25 years. He’s been doing sketches and performing, different things like that. So, he had that nailed down, then Kenan just riffs along.

‘I think they both found it really fun, free and just a happy place to be on set.’

We’re going to need a third movie immediately.