Kerry Katona gives her fiancé a ‘pass’ to have baby with someone else
Posted by  badge Boss on Feb 20
Kerry Katona doesn’t want to ‘deprive’ her partner (Picture: Farrell/Backgrid)

has admitted she has given her partner a free pass to have a baby with another woman.

The Atomic Kitten pop star, 43, is engaged to Ryan Mahoney, 35, and, due to already having a large brood of her own, has said she can’t see herself having more kids.

However, she is open to surrogacy.

Kerry currently has five children: Molly, 22, and whom she shares with her first husband,  and has Heidi, 17, and Max, 15, from her marriage to Mark Croft.

She’s also whom she shares with late ex-husband George Kay, who died in 2019. Ryan is in the process of officially adopting her.

During a new interview with , the reality star spoke frankly about her previous birth ordeal, in which she found herself on life support for four days nearly 10 years ago.

The reality star is engaged to Ryan Mahoney (Picture: Instagram)

As a result, Kerry isn’t prepared to tackle pregnancy again.

Knowing she can’t conceive a child naturally with Ryan, Kerry said: ‘I don’t want to deprive him. In fact, I’ve given him a pass and said, “If this is something you want to pursue, leave me now!”

‘I never want someone to not have that feeling of having their own child. But I feel like I should be enough for a man.

‘Maybe many moons ago I’d have done it for a man, but not anymore. Me and my kids should be enough for Ryan, and actually, I know we are.’

Kerry also spoke about how her life has changed as she no longer feels ‘desperate to be loved’.

So, she would rather focus on the family she has and her husband-to-be, rather than

Kerry is already a mum to five kids (Picture: Instagram)
Ryan is in the process of adopting youngest DJ (Picture: Instagram)
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‘Years ago, I was so desperate to be loved, I’d have done anything, but I’m not the same person I was 10 years ago,’ she reflected.

‘I was trying so hard to be the perfect wife and mother. My first marriage was so fairytale, and I kept trying to recreate that.

‘Now, I should be more than enough. If I’m not, Ryan can always go off with a younger model and have a baby with her!’

Kerry and Ryan have been looking into fertility options, having booked an appointment at a clinic not long ago, but plans meant they had to cancel.

Their most recent fertility tests were done three years ago, after which Ryan was told his sperm count was fine, while Kerry was told that she had ‘about six viable eggs’.

While the road to isn’t exactly plain sailing, Kerry has made it clear that

Kerry has said she wants to be ‘enough’ for her fiancé (Picture: Instagram)

The I’m A Celebrity icon has said she would be ‘over the moon’ if one of her oldest daughters got pregnant.

‘I think the next stage of my life is being a grandma and I would love it!’, she said.

‘If one of the girls turned around to me and said they were pregnant, I’d be over the moon.’