Kim Woodburn on I’m A Celeb 2022: I’m glad gutless Charlene White has gone – and this rotten bullying of Matt Hancock needs to stop now
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 21

You know what my loves, I was glad to see. I like her, she’s a very good newsreader but she didn’t come across in the way that I thought she would in the jungle.

I’m disappointed in her really. I thought she was a terribly superior being, wasn’t she? She wouldn’t sleep in that trailer with because of her job as a journalist. But she wasn’t in the jungle to be a journalist. She was there to be in the jungle. Who did she think she was? She’s not a journalist in there, she’s a woman who’s being paid a lump sum to go in the jungle. She took herself far too seriously.

Charlene was totally prejudiced against Matt, and it showed. And she was a disgrace in the trial she did with . Now, it was a comparatively simple trial and yet she didn’t even want to put her foot in the water. She played up terribly and behaved disgustingly. She was gutless. I’m glad she’s gone.

I’m not surprised has gone out either. I couldn’t make that girl out at all, I’ll be honest with you. I wasn’t very fond of her, I must say. Good luck to her, but I wasn’t sorry to see the back of her.  

Of course, I’m hoping that I’m A Celebrity fans won’t focus on the fact two ladies of Black origin have been voted out first. It has nothing to do with the colour of a person. There’s a very good reason why they’ve gone out. 

I’m glad Charlene has gone (Picture: ITV)
I’m not surprised Scarlette has gone out either (Picture: ITV)

There’s still too much sniping at Matt Hancock. We know he did wrong. Have any of us, hand on heart, done nothing we shouldn’t have done in our life? They never stop rubbing it in and he has worked hard and fed those ratbags.

I do think Matt has been ganged up on though and I think it’s rotten. Whatever he’s done, he’s done. It really is bullying.

There was a moment in recent scenes that was a bit awkward though and that was when Matt came out of the trial with all those darn snakes and said ‘my kids and Gina will be proud of me’.

That was not a good thing to do, my loves! And it will hurt the children as well I should think, to mention his mistress. Perhaps he shouldn’t have said anything at all. It was a bit naughty.

Do you know what I couldn’t understand? When Boy George said that people in camp have become ‘compliant’ because Matt is in the jungle. I thought to myself, for the love of heavens, what are you talking about? I couldn’t make out what point he was trying to make. He’ll do anything to get at Matt. They’ve all had their go, haven’t they?

I do think Matt has been ganged up (Picture: ITV)

When Matt, Sue Cleaver, and Jill Scott were flown in the helicopter to have a wonderful beach BBQ many of them said it was wrong to send Matt. I thought, why shouldn’t he have gone? He earned all the stars and fed them for days. They won’t let it settle. I get very uncomfortable, I really, really do.

I’ll tell you what, Boy George. There’s something about him I like and something about him I don’t like at all. His chanting lark still infuriates me. Oh, I’d go down there and put my boot in his gob. If you want to chant, chant my loves, but not with other people you’re driving mad. He really is a silly arse.

He also gave a peculiar lecture saying that people are not themselves in the jungle. I thought, where do you get this rubbish from? When you first meet a bunch of people, you’re not yourself because you don’t know them. Of course, they’re not going to see you in your natural state. It’s your friends and family and loved ones who see you like that.

There is something about Boy George I can’t help liking though – and he’s as tough as old boots when it comes to trials though. He is quite a brave man.

Chris Moyles, oh please.

Remember when he said can people not use my towel because he doesn’t want anybody’s balls on it?

Well Chris, I don’t want to upset you but are you jealous because you haven’t got any balls to dry on your towel? You haven’t had balls since the day you were born. You haven’t got any balls to dry, dear. I’d never get tired of booting him in the face.

Chris, of course, thoroughly annoys me. It’s the way he sniggers and is forever giving dirty looks at our MP. And when he was talking about being fired from his Radio Show, I thought I’m glad you got fired, you’re a piece of work. Chris is a horrible, gutless little man. I have no time for him at all. He hasn’t got a chance of winning, not a hope in hell.

Mike Tindall is a nice enough chap but he’s rather boring in there. Really my loves, apart from getting little titbits about the royal family, he’s really served no purpose in there. They shouldn’t have put him in really.

I thought he and Jill were wonderful in the drinking trial. They drank everything quickly. Weren’t they good?

Young Owen, he’s a gorgeous-looking young man, but he doesn’t stop talking about food, food, food.

He’s a nice young man, but God help me! Didn’t his parents teach him there are more important things in life than muscle and food? Why doesn’t he cancel gym membership fees and go to night school to learn that two and two make four. Oh, and did you hear young Owen saying he wishes Matt was the voice of his sat nav? I thought Owen, what are you talking about dear?

Dear Babatunde needs to toughen up. He was yelping like a two-year-old in that trial with Owen and Scarlette, who just got on with it.

Now, I’m A Celebrity ends next Sunday, but who’s going to win is anybody’s guess. I’d like Jill to win because she’s just a good all-rounder.

I’d like Jill to win because she’s just a good all-rounder (Picture: ITV)

I think she’s a lovely, lovely girl. She has achieved so much in her life. Do you see anything arrogant about her? No. She mucks in with everybody. I would put her forward to win and I’d be glad if she did, honestly.

I don’t think Matt stands a chance at winning. He’s certainly done his bit to help feed the campmates in the trials. But the fact remains that people aren’t going to vote for him in the outside world because he has let too many people down, he is getting a full salary, and he is also going to get the fee for the jungle. I don’t think the public will vote for him, and really my loves, they shouldn’t.

On the whole, I’ve been quite disappointed in this series. I think Ant and Dec have done a smashing job as presenters, can’t take that from them at all.

But my gosh, I haven’t found it as good as it has been in the past. It seems to have lost its sparkle.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs tonight at 9.15pm on ITV1.