Kim Woodburn unexpectedly explodes at journalist in debate over cashiers: ‘I’d shoot you!’
Posted by  badge Boss on May 19

Kim Woodburn was riled up at Diana Moran during a heated at the supermarket, and said she’d ‘shoot her’.

The controversial How Clean Is Your House presenter argued in favour of the machines at the shops in order to keep the queues moving, but soon found herself locking horns with the journalist who admitted she liked getting help packing her bags.

‘I don’t like them at all, I’m not technological and I can barely operate a telephone, but I can see the necessity for it,’ Kim told GB News.

‘I can tell you the technology is here to stay my love.’

However, Kim quickly found herself at loggerheads with Diane, who told the programme: ‘I do on occasion quite a big shop and there I want to take my time, with somebody helping me, helping me bag it up a little bit.’

No sooner had Diane finished, Kim began speaking over fellow guest, Big Brother star Rebecca Jane, admitting she would ‘shoot’ Diane for her leisurely shop.

Kim Woodburn took a strong stance in a debate over talking to supermarket cashiers (Picture: GB News)

‘You want to chat away to the cashier, I could strangle you,’ she snapped.

‘I know what you mean, bless you, but not in a queue. I’d shoot you, I hate it.’

The debate was sparked after it was unveiled that a petition to ‘stop the replacement of people with machines’ at Tesco has been signed more than 100,000 times.

The outspoken How Clean Is Your House star said she’d ‘shoot’ Diana Morgan (Picture: GB News)

Pat McCarthy, from Brentford in West , finds self-checkout machines difficult, slow, and impersonal to use.

The 69-year-old claims three quarters of the tills at her local Tesco were self-checkouts, leaving very few tills for those who wanted a staff member to help them.

She claimed this meant people were forced to wait in queues more than 30 minutes long – though Tesco insists there are always workers available to help customers.

In just two weeks, Pat’s petition has garnered huge amounts of support – with 104,583 signatures as of Wednesday afternoon.