Kimberley Walsh reveals Girls Aloud are ‘tighter than ever’ following Sarah Harding’s death
Posted by  badge Boss on Apr 10
Girls Aloud members Kimberley Walsh gave an update on the girl group (Picture: Getty/Shutterstock)

has said she and her former bandmates are ‘as tight as we’ve ever been’ following the death of .

Harding, who was a member of the early Noughties girl band, after revealing she had breast which had spread to other parts of her body.

Speaking in a new interview, mum-of-three Kimberley said her relationship with her former bandmates has deepened since Harding’s tragic death.

‘It is a long friendship. It’s really nice. I feel close to all of the girls – it’s genuinely a close friendship where we text daily. We are in each other’s lives, we know what’s going on,’ said the 41-year-old.

She added: ‘Obviously with everything that’s happened, we’re really as tight as we’ve ever been at the moment. You just have to lean on each other, don’t you?’

The band – which consisted of Walsh, Harding, Cheryl, Nadine Coyle and Nicola Roberts – in honour of Harding.

Gils Aloud members Cheryl, Harding, Nicola Roberts, Kimberley and Nadine Coyle at the Brit Awards in 2009 (Photo by JMEnternational/Getty Images)
Kimberley said they had been ‘leaning on’ each other in the aftermath of Harding’s death (Picture: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images)

The Primrose Ball was held at The Londoner hotel in central London in October and featured performances from the likes of Olly Alexander along with a live auction which included an original portrait of Harding by artistic duo The Connor Brothers.

The event had been organised at the star’s request before she died and was named after lyrics from the Girls Aloud hit The Promise where Harding sings the line, ‘Here I am, walking Primrose’.

Speaking about The Primrose Ball, Walsh told that the gala had ‘felt like the perfect way to put all our energy into something positive together, and it helped her mum, Marie, to have something to focus on’.

She also said that having raised over £1million for all the research Harding wanted to fund meant the group ‘did what we promised her’.

At the Primrose Ball, in honour of Sarah Harding, last October (Picture: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for The Londoner)
Harding had asked the group to help raise money for Cancer Research, which they did (Picture: Rex)

Ahead of , Walsh also confirmed that they will not be reuniting in the same way they did to mark 10 years.

‘We don’t feel like we want in the way we might have done, but we have tried to do some things,’ she revealed.

Kimberley previously shared that through some ‘fun, alternative versions of songs lying around’ rather than heading into the studio without Harding, and has now said it will include re-releases of their singles with ‘different versions of us singing different parts’.

‘It’s just some fun stuff so they can feel we are making something of it, because 20 years is massive. I can’t believe it, to be honest.’

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Cheryl previously : ‘To be honest, we found out Sarah was sick because we’d sat down together to talk about how, if, and what we would like to do to celebrate the 20 years [of the band].

‘And then all that happened, and it changed the feeling of it. It just put a funny taste in my mouth.

‘I’ve learnt throughout my life [though] that you should never say never, because the universe has a funny way of going, “Oh, really?”

‘But right now, we’re not there. We want it to be fun, not sad. Girls Aloud weren’t sad, we were fun, happy, upbeat, everything that that’s not.

‘I think more time would be needed before we even – none of us have even uttered a word [about] that. We just have spoken about Sarah. We’ve become really close together.’