Latest prediction from The Simpsons to come true is freaking everyone out
Posted by  badge Boss on Feb 05
The Simpsons seems to have made yet another prediction (Picture: Disney)

viewers have been left shocked after the series .

For more than three decades, the long-running series has been making jaw-dropping predictions, with including the submersible tragedy, Barbie mania and ’s arrest.

Now it’s happened again, with a technology explored in a 2016 episode now being released by .

Last week the tech company, a mixed reality headset in which digital media is integrated with the real world, and physical inputs—such as motion gestures, eye tracking, and speech recognition—can be used to interact with the system.

However eagle-eyed TV fans have noticed a similar product took over Springfield in a 2016 episode of The Simpsons.

In Friends and Family, Mr. Burns hired Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie to play his virtual reality family, which eventually becomes a technology everyone has access to.

A montage then shows all The Simpsons characters wearing virtual reality sets as they walked into lamp posts and fell into potholes while getting caught up with the goggles.

Other characters were then seen immersing themselves in the VR experience, with Principal Seymour Skinner enjoying a virtual picnic while Homer and Marge lay side-by-side in bed as they virtually kissed each other.

‘Get ready to have your mind blown! The Simpsons once again proved they are the Nostradamus of the 21st century by predicting the Apple Vision Pro. The future is now, folks!’ Adan Fucci posted on X.

A 2016 episode saw Springfield residents don VR goggles (Picture: Disney)
However they quickly got into sticky situations (Picture: Disney)
Fans have said they were left shocked noticing the goggles in the old episode (Picture: Disney)

‘Wait, did The Simpsons predict the future again? In this 2016 episode, they showed the Apple Vision Pro, which was released in 2024. How long until we all have one of these futuristic devices,’ user eulah.btc posted.

‘Did they or did Apple use the Simpsons as an inspiration?’ Dr Daze questioned.

Meanwhile many others suggested Apple had used The Simpsons as creative inspiration.

The real-life product hit shelves last week (Picture: Apple)

Since Apple released its new product, it’s been compared by some to being like a ‘Black Mirror episode’.

Chief executive Tim Cook recently called the headset ‘the most advanced personal electronics device ever’.

Since it hit shelves, it’s been reported 20,000 goggles are reported to have been sold.

In the past few days, videos shared on social media show a young man using the headset while sitting on a New York City subway car typing in the air, while others show people wearing them in the gym, in a shopping centre and even leaving a toilet with one on.

The Simpsons is streaming on Disney Plus.