Lauren Goodger’s daughter taken to hospital after ‘struggling to breathe’
Posted by  badge Boss on May 31
Lauren Goodger has revealed her daughter was rushed to hospital (Picture: laurengoodger/INSTAGRAM)

has revealed her daughter was rushed to hospital after ‘struggling to breathe’.

The legend, who recently shared on the road, took to on Friday with a picture from a hospital bed.

Showing her daughter Larose, two, watching something on her iPad, Lauren explained: ‘Weds she was all bunged up like hayfever and then in night got a temp and last night coughing so much and throwing up.

‘4am she started struggling with her breathing, and really sucking in so I went to see GP at 8am and sent us straight here.’

Lauren added that Larose has had steroids and a mask with pumping to ‘open her breathing’.

‘Today being sick and temp and the breathing like she running,’ she added.

Lauren shared a picture from hospital (Picture: laurengoodger/INSTAGRAM)

Lauren, 37, is mum to Larose, who she shares with ex

Charles, 26, is also the dad of their daughter Lorena, who sadly

The update comes after Lauren shared how stressed she was as Larose was suffering from a viral infection, causing her anxiety to skyrocket with concern about her child. 

Earlier this month, the former  star, explained that her daughter’s ill health is particularly stressful after Lorena’s death  – calling herself a ‘grieving mother’ in a heartfelt post on social media.

In a lengthy post, she wrote: ‘My baby girl and I been up all night her temperature sky high… kept her in all day with me monitoring her she full of beans just temp and looks unwell so I can’t work out what it is… we’ve had no sleep and then I also get some horrible news I’ve cried all day in secret because I’d never let my daughter see that.. I’ll never understand life so much bad stuff happens and I’ll never understand why.’

The post continued, referencing her late daughter: ‘I’m a grieving mother and I felt like I’ve never been given any time to actually heal or try and get on with my life again cos once you go through the worst trauma of your life it changes you, you can go one way or the other and I did. 

Lauren referred to herself as a ‘grieving mother’ (Picture: Instagram / Lauren Goodger)
Lauren shared a lengthy post about her own mental health looking after her daughter earlier this month (Picture: Instagram / Lauren Goodger)

The reality TV star explained how she coped with her loss by exercising and going to therapy.

‘I stayed in my bubble just me and my daughter and my little family and in that time I lost a lot and my cortisol levels are so high so I made some positive changes I went back to work and I trained near enough every day I do have therapy but I need stick to it the gym is my medicine.’

The post continued: ‘Then bang something tries to tear me down again Not sure how much more of life I can actually do it’s s***. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful as I’m grateful for so many things and my daughter is my rock and when she is unwell I have such bad anxiety due to my loss of feeling something bad going to happen.

‘I’m a nervous wreck and I have to do it all by myself, no one comes to give me a helping hand or helps me mentally not one single person hats off to all the single mums that actually are completely on their own. Cos wow warriors!

‘Sorry for the emotional insta I never ever do this I’m such a private person but I’m hoping this may show the real vulnerable side of life that no one knows or sees only the ones close.’