League Of Legends teaser confirms new champion K’Sante will be joining soon
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 13, 2022 - 08:35PM
He kind of looks like Lil Nas X? (pic: Riot Games)

After months of anticipation, Riot Games has finally confirmed that a new champion called K’Sante will join in a few weeks’ time. 

Even though League Of Legends’ Season 12 is halfway done, its last few weeks are said to bring some significant changes to top lane champions such as Aatrox, Sett, and Maokai. 

Moreover, top laners who fit into the tank sub-class have been particularly neglected, with skirmishers mostly dominating that region in Summoner’s Rift. Gwen was the last top laner that was added to the game, but she fits to latter category, meaning she also differs from the top lane archetype.  

After realising how under-powered tank top lane champions have become in the game, Riot has finally decided to add a new one: K’Sante! 

K’Sante was briefly teased early this year in the Preseason 2023 roadmap, in which Riot also revealed that two more champions are coming to League of Legends. He’s also known as the Pride of Nazumah, hailing from the unexplored continent of Shurima which is a completely new region in the south of Runeterra.  

In the teaser, you see a new day is starting in Nazumah and a bit later you can hear K’Sante’s voice for the first time, as he’s towering over his desk, looking at some mysterious documents. 

They contain information the beasts the people of Nazumah hunt and you can also see some feathers, a bow design, and a claw, possibly hinting at K’Sante’s abilities.

You’ll have to wait for the gameplay trailer to discover K’Sante’s full range of abilities (pic: Riot Games)

It’s said that these beasts give K’Sante his powers, as he uses their rare regenerating hide to forge blunt weapons that can be used defensively. When shattered, they reveal sharp knives that can cut through any enemy. 

A few moments later, you can also see K’Sante glancing over at this kind of weapon, called Ntofos. 

With K’Sante added to the game, it will be interesting to learn more about the lore of Nazumah, as unlike the rest of Shurima, people there aren’t royal to its vengeance-seeking emperor Azir.  

K’Sante’s base model is inspired by , rapper Lil Nas X, who’ll work together with Riot once again to make a Prestige-tier skin for the champion, called Prestige Empyrean K’Sante. 

This will be K’Sante’s launch skin, when he’s officially introduced to the game with patch 12.21 on Thursday, November 3. 

As for now, you can brace for the release of patch 12.20, which is set to go live next week, slowly implementing the shift to the top lane meta, as well as some item adjustments.  

Though don’t expect to see any huge changes just yet, as Riot is keeping the game fairly balanced to not interrupt League’s ongoing global championship, Worlds 2022, as well as regular players’ last push through the ranks of Season 12.

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