Lilliana Bowrey Age? Details About Surviving Summer 2022 Cast
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Lilliana Bowrey is one of the popular casts of Surviving Summer. When does she celebrate her birthday? Let’s find out. 

Lilliana Bowrey

In the years thereafter, Lilliana Bowrey, an aspiring Australian actress, has captivated hundreds of hearts with her incredible acting abilities. She’s also a talented actress and surfer whose celebrity is growing by the day.

Similarly, Bowrey has made an appearance on the new Netflix family drama Surviving Summer as Poppy Tetanui. Her gorgeous presence in the series has also been praised by fans.

People are also excited to see her in her new role, as Surviving Summer premieres tonight on Netflix. Not to mention, the program has gotten a lot of attention from the general public in recent days, as it has become the talk of the town.

Lilliana Bowrey Spent Most Of Her Childhood In Australia

As of current year, the Australian actress and surfer is 16 years old. Similarly, many people are inquisitive about her birthday and are attempting to contact her via various social media platforms.

As a result, we’re here to make things as simple as possible by providing as much information as we can from the available sources. Unfortunately, Lilliana hasn’t revealed any information about her birth in the Surviving Summer fame.

Despite her celebrity, she prefers to keep some aspects private. Aside from that, Lilliana is also known as Lil, and she is an excellent contact football player.

Lilliana also composes her own music and plays the ukulele. Lil is a multi-talented and fun-loving young actor, according to her bio on the internet.

Lilliana Bowrey Net Worth 2022

Lilliana Bowrey, an Australian resident, was born and reared in Australia by her parents. However, she hasn’t revealed any specific details about her childhood on the internet.

Furthermore, Bowrey is of white heritage and retains Australian citizenship. We were unable to introduce her admirers to her father and mother because she has blocked any information about them at the present. We also don’t know if she has any siblings.

Furthermore, facts about her education are also scarce, but she is undoubtedly maintaining her studies, acting, and surfing careers at the same time.

Lilliana Bowrey Net Worth 2022

Lilliana Bowrey must have a substantial net worth as an actress, and she simply lives a luxury lifestyle. She also hasn’t disclosed any information about her true earnings.

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Bowrey is also a talented actress who has lately made her debut in the showbiz sector, therefore her earnings may improve in the future days.

She’s also on Instagram, where she goes by the handle @lillianabowrey and has 16.3k followers.