Liv Morgan loves WWE’s white rabbit teases and insists stars have ‘no idea’ – but she’d love to work with Bray Wyatt
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 08, 2022 - 05:26PM
Liv Morgan has weighed in on the white rabbit mystery before Extreme Rules (Picture: WWE)

Liv Morgan insists the superstars have no idea what to expect from .

The will be (October 8) and a lot of the hype around the show is about the recent cryptic clues and QR codes which started with Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit playing at live events, with all signs .

She exclusively told ‘Ooh yeah! I mean, I have no idea what to really make of it, all the QR codes. When we do our live events we have this crazy music playing, the lights are going off.

‘We’re all just looking around like, “Who is here? What is this?” There’s no clues so I’m kinda just enjoying it with everyone else, but it’s very intriguing.’

Liv is a huge fan of horror films, so the buildup has been right up her street, and she’s been enjoying the ‘scavenger hunt’ along with the fans.

‘It’s a very horror-esque thriller. I feel like I’m on a little scavenger hunt,’ she laughed. ‘I’m very excited to see what is to come of all this, and I think everyone else is too.’

The clues and build up have fans becoming increasingly certainover a year after he was .

That appeared to be all but confirmed on Friday night, when a QR code shown on SmackDown led to a video which included someone repeatedly saying ‘let me in’, which was The Fiend’s catchphrase.

Speaking before this week’s show, Liv admitted she would love the chance to work with Bray on screen if he ever did return to the fold.

‘Oh for sure! I think that’ll be really cool, I think that’ll be a lot of fun. I think we’d be able to create something very, very, very scary and very memorable,’ she said.

She added: ‘We’ll see, we’ll see if that day ever comes.’

WWE Extreme Rules airs tonight (October 8) at 1am on BT Sport 1.