Lola Dee, singer of hit 1950s song Pretty Eyed Baby, dies aged 95
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 10, 2023 - 11:54AM
The late singer died in a nursing facility (Picture: Jasmine Music)

Lola Dee, the singer whose vocals could be heard on the hit 1950s song Pretty Eyed Baby, has .

Born in , Illinois, in 1928, Dee – born DeAngelis – started singing at a very early age.

After a few years of performing as a child, when she was a teenager, Dee appeared on a national show at American Broadcasting Company called Junior Junction.

The late singer signed a record contract with Mercury Records, leading to her releasing hits including Pretty Eyed Baby, Hitsity Hotsity and Paper Roses.

She died of natural causes in a nursing facility in Hinsdale, Illinois, her publicist and CD producer Alan Eichler said, reported.

When Dee first signed her record contract, she went by the name Lola Ameche, after her mother’s maiden name.

Pretty Eyed Baby was a hit on the charts in 1951 (Picture: Jasmine Music)

Pretty Eyed Baby was released as part of a collaboration between the artist and the Al Trace Orchestra, with the song charting at number 21 on Billboard.

Over the course of the next three years, she released more than 20 songs.

Throughout her career, Dee travelled the world to locations including Mexico, Singpoare and Australia, touring with musicians including Bob Hope and Johnnie Ray.

Her final two public appearances were performances of the national anthem for the Chicago Bears and Chicago White Sox in 1978, as she stepped away from her music career to help take care of her mother, who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Dee is survived by her son Barry, whom she had with her husband Ralph Valentino.