‘Loser keeps James Corden’ threat picks up pace as England prepare to take on USA in the World Cup
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 25, 2022 - 11:29PM
Neither side is willing to back down (Picture: Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/REX/Shutterstock)

Of course, every team in the dreams of lifting the trophy at the end of it but, as England prepare to play USA, there might be more at stake.

As the 2022 tournament continues, England remain in a strong position following their win against Iran.

But, they’ll be hoping to smash it out of the park once more, especially as Americans are threatening them with… .

Now, it’s no secret that The Late Late Show’s host has become somewhat of a marmite celebrity over recent years.

James has given us Carpool Karaoke and we could never resent him for being one of the brains behind Gavin and Stacey, but he’s also and has been, well, literally everywhere.

From (remember that?) to The Prom, there are actual Reddit threads asking, ‘Why does James Corden have to be in everything?’, plus there was

The Late Late Show host has been in the States since 2015 (Picture: Terence Patrick/CBS via Getty Images)
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So, with the Brits about to face the States on the pitch, social media users are once again proposing that whoever loses has to ‘keep’ Mr Corden in their country – which not many people seem to want.

‘Whoever loses the England vs USA game has to keep James Corden,’ one person tweeted, with James name trending on the site.

‘The ultimate battle of USA vs England is scheduled for later today. Stakes have never been higher. Loser has to keep James Corden,’ wrote another.

And in the event of a draw, one person suggested: ‘Incoming draw so both suffer another 4 years’.

Unable to contain their laughter at the trend, another person tweeted: ‘USA vs England, loser takes James Corden has to be the funniest thing ever’.

Seemingly dreading the match, one desperate fan added: ‘Praying England beat USA tonight because I really don’t want us to have to take James Corden back’.

James is preparing to say goodbye to his late night talk show in the States in next year, after extending his CBS contract for one year before departing ahead of summer 2023.

The direction of his future career remains uncertain, and we’re unsure whether he’ll stay across the pond or return to home turf – of course, this won’t be decided by a footie match.

It’s all to play for as England take on USA (Picture: Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)

But, he has teased ‘some other things’ that he still wants to try his hand at, such as writing and telling stories to see if he’s ‘capable of it’.

‘When I started this journey, it was always going to be just that: a journey, an adventure. I never saw [the show] as my final destination, and I never want this show to overstay its welcome in any way,’ he said when announcing the news of his exit.

‘I always want to love making it, and I really think in a year from now that will be a good time to move on and see what else might be out there.’

As for the World Cup, England vs USA will go head-to-head in group B, with kick off commencing at 7pm, UK time.

It’s all to play for, as the Gareth Southgate’s guys know three points will secure a place in the last 16.

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