Louis Walsh has dig at Simon Cowell’s ‘new’ appearance 
Posted by  badge Boss on Mar 06
Louis Walsh ridicules Simon Cowell for ‘new face’

 has made a little bit of a snide comment about former The  co-star ’s face.

Ahead of entering the  house, Louis revealed that he hadn’t spoken to Simon before his 

‘It’s all about him. Simon lives in this bubble and it’s all about him. It’s fine. I accept that. That’s just the way he is,’ he explained.

Despite their recent lack of communication, Louis had kind things to say about Simon… and a few iffy things to add: ‘I love him. I think the world of him, I really do. I know his faults. I know he’s not perfect. He wears stupid clothes, stupid haircut, new faces . . . his face has changed so much.’

Simon has previously made, including during the most recent series of Britain’s Got Talent.

When auditionee Tom showed off his ability to turn a collection of Rubik’s Cubes  into faces Simon asked: ‘How the hell do you do that?’

Louis and Simon have known each other for years (Picture: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images)

Tom replied: ‘Practice lots of different faces. Turns out you have a really difficult face to make Rubik’s cubes out of.’

‘I’ll change my face… again,’ he quipped. Although, while he can make fun of himself,

Simon has previously joked about his face (Picture: ITV)
Louis plans to gossip about Simon (Picture: Dave J Hogan/Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

Louis, 71, also acknowledged that Simon, 64, had helped to get him to The Westlife manager was picked by Simon to be one of the judges on the singing competition, and became the longest-serving star. He was part of the launch in 2004, and appeared in all but two series before its end in 2018.

During the chat with , Louis shared his intention to gossip about Simon as much as he can in the Big Brother house. With that attitude, it’s no wonder a few people in Louis’ life were a little nervous about what he might say.

‘Everybody’s telling me to be careful. I am a bit of a loose cannon,’ he admitted.

It may be Celebrity Big Brother themselves who need to be apprehensive. He entertained viewers on Monday’s launch night by admitting to host and that he already knew Sharon, 71, was going to be doing the show with him.

When the presenters tried to play down the statement, rather than back down, Louis instead added that he actually knew she’d already gone into the house before him. He was very much correct – Sharon was the first housemate to enter.

Louis, Sharon and Simon were original judges on The X factor (Picture: Tom O’Donnell/WireImage)
Sharon and Louis are in the house together (Picture: Shutterstock for Big Brother)

Now, it transpires Louis may have played a part in Sharon, who also served as a The X Factor judge, getting the gig.

‘I said to the producers, “I wouldn’t mind doing this show if there was somebody in the house that I knew I was friendly with”. They said, “Who?”. And I said, “Sharon would be amazing”,’ he revealed.

Although, he was shocked when Sharon actually agreed to take part. She has come with conditions, she is technically a ‘lodger’ and will leave after five days. While, she also gets her own bedroom.

After their reunion, Sharon and Louis were quickly put to work by Big Brother on the debut show. They were sent off to a secret room to watch the rest of the celebrities arrive.

After just an hour, Sharon was told to pick three people to put in the ‘danger zone’ with Louis’ assistance. Gary Goldsmith, Zeze Millz, and David Potts were selected, with the former then.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on ITV and ITVX.